Jared Allen did the a terrible thing this week, he cut his mullet. Apparently looking good for his wedding is more important than winning a Super Bowl. Samson lost all of his strength once his hair was cut, the same will happen to Jared Allen. Allen will lose all of his ability to play football, not sure who the Vikings are going to pick up at DE.

“The things men do for love,” Allen said.

I mean, you said it before business in front, party in the back. Isn't the front half of your mullet good enough for your wedding? Half of getting married is having the party afterwords. This just doesn't make sense? Needless to say, I'm disappointed in you.

Allen Looks Noble, and Dignified, full of wisdom and strength

Allen looks like a sad man that just lost a part of himself


The Mullet is a Lifestyle

According to Jared Allen the mullet is a lifestyle, you live it. And he said he might cut it, when he dies.  So should we put Jared Allen on suicide watch?

The story behind the mullet.