Here is a cumulative list of all of the MLB 2010 Walk Off Hits. It has only been a week of baseball and there have already been quite a few. This list is going to be big.

Player Team Opponent Hit Date
Jarrod Saltalamacchia Rangers Blue Jays Single 4/5/2010
Carl Crawford Rays Orioles Double 4/6/2010
Mark Ellis A's Mariners Single 4/6/2010
Rick Ankiel Royals Tigers Double 4/7/2010
Kurt Suzuki A's Mariners Double 4/7/2010
Ronny Cedeno Pirates Dodgers Single 4/7/2010
Jonny Gomes Reds Cardinals Home Run 4/8/2010
Aaron Rowand Giants Braves Single 4/9/2010
Jorge Cantu Marlins Dodgers Sacrifice Fly 4/10/2010
Hideki Matsui Angels Athletics Single 4/10/2010
Carlos Guillen Tigers Indians Wild Pitch 4/11/2010
Casey McGehee Brewers Cardinals Home Run 4/11/2010
Chris Iannetta Rockies Mets Home Run 4/14/2010
Andre Ethier Dodgers Diamondbacks Single 4/15/2010
Lasting Milledge Pirates Reds Single 4/16/2010
Chase Headley Padres Diamondbacks Home Run 4/16/2010
Ryan Sweeney A's Orioles Single 4/16/2010
Garrett Jones Pirates Reds Single 4/17/2010
Jason Heyward Braves Rockies Single 4/18/2010
David Eckstein Padres Giants Home Run 4/19/2010
Darnell McDonald Red Sox Padres Single 4/20/2010
Nate McLouth Braves Phillies Home Run 4/20/2010
Kevin Youkilis Red Sox Rangers Double 4/21/2010
Elvis Andrus Rangers Tigers Single 4/23/2010
Andruw Jones White Sox Mariners Home Run 4/23/2010
Alex Rios White Sox Mariners Home Run 4/24/2010
Aramis Ramirez Cubs Nationals Walk 4/26/2010
Howie Kendrick Angels Indians Single 4/28/2010
Miguel Tejada Orioles Red Sox Single 4/30/2010
Johnny Damon Tigers Angels Home Run 5/1/2010
Asdrubal Cabrera Indians Twins Single 5/1/2010
Ty Wigginton Orioles Red Sox Double 5/2/2010
Lance Nix Reds Mets Home Run 5/3/2010
Carlos Ruiz Phillies Cardinals Home Run 5/4/2010
JJ Hardy Twins Tigers Wild Pitch 5/4/2010
Chase Headley Padres Rockies Single 5/4/2010
Orlando Cabrera Reds Mets Home Run 5/5/2010
Carlos Lee Astros Diamondbacks Home Run 5/5/2010
Willie Harris Nationals Braves Single 5/6/2010
Andre Ethier Dodgers Brewers Home Run 5/6/2010
Rod Barajas Mets Giants Home Run 5/7/2010
Henry Blanco Mets Giants Home Run 5/8/2010
Hunter Pence Astros Padres Double 5/9/2010
Juan Rivera Angels Rays Sacrifice Fly 5/10/2010
Miguel Olivo Rockies Phillies Home Run 5/12/2010
Cody Ross Marlins Mets Wild Pitch 5/13/2010
Vladimir Guerrero Rangers A's Single 5/13/2010
Martin Prado Braves Diamondbacks Single 5/14/2010
Willy Aybar Rays Mariners Home Run 5/15/2010
Ramon Santiago Tigers Red Sox Walk 5/15/2010
Jason Bartlett Rays Indians Fielder's choice 5/17/2010
Aramis Ramirez Cubs Rockies Home Run 5/17/2010
Melky Cabrera Braves Mets Single 5/18/2010
Joey Votto Reds Brewers Single 5/18/2010
Nick Markakis Orioles Royals Single 5/18/2010
Jason Heyward Braves Reds Double 5/19/2010
Nelson Cruz Rangers Orioles Sacrifice Fly 5/19/2010
Brooks Conrad Braves Reds Grand Slam 5/20/2010
Ken Griffey, Jr Mariners Blue Jays Single 5/20/2010
Jason Kubel Twins Brewers Sacrifice Fly 5/22/2010
Ryan Doumit Pirates Braves Home Run 5/23/2010
Josh Willingham Nationals Orioles Home Run 5/23/2010
Felipe Lopez Cardinals Angels Single 5/23/2010
Bobby Abreu Angels Blue Jays Single 5/26/2010
Jerry Hairston Jr Padres Cardinals Home Run 5/26/2010
Rickie Weeks Brewers Astros Walk 5/27/2010
Corey Hart Brewers Mets Home Run 5/28/2010
Kendry Morales Angels Mariners Grand Slam 5/29/2010
Howie Kendrick Angels Mariners Home Run 5/30/2010
Nick Hundley Padres Nationals Single 5/30/2010
Andres Torres Giants Diamondbacks Single 5/30/2010
Casey Blake Dodgers Diamondbacks Balk 5/31/2010
Lance Berkman Astros Nationals Single 6/1/2010
Matt Kemp Dodgers Diamondbacks Home Run 6/1/2010
Garrett Anderson Dodgers Diamondbacks Single 6/2/2010
Adrian Gonzalez Padres Mets Home Run 6/2/2010
Ichiro Suzuki Mariners Twins Single 6/2/2010
Carlos Lee Astros Nationals Home Run 6/3/2010
Ryan Roberts Diamondbacks Rockies Single 6/4/2010
Aaron Hill Blue Jays Yankees Single 6/5/2010
Colby Rasmus Cardinals Brewers Single 6/5/2010
A.J. Ellis Dodgers Braves Single 6/6/2010
Nick Markakis Orioles Red Sox Single 6/6/2010
Ike Davis Mets Padres Home Run 6/8/2010
Casey McGehee Brewers Cubs Single 6/8/2010
Russell Branyan Indians Red Sox Single 6/10/2010
Craig Counsell Brewers Cubs Sacrifice 6/10/2010
Nick Hundley Padres Mariners Sacrifice Fly 6/11/2010
Carlos Guillen Tigers Pirates Home Run 6/12/2010
Chris Young Diamondbacks Cardinals Home Run 6/13/2010
Kosuku Fukudome Cubs Athletics Single 6/17/2010
Adrian Gonzalez Padres Orioles Single 6/18/2010
Troy Glaus Braves Royals Home Run 6/19/2010
Dustin Pedroia Red Sox Dodgers Single 6/19/2010
Jimmy Rollins Phillies Indians Home Run 6/23/2010
Jason Giambi Rockies Red Sox Home Run 6/23/2010
Vlad Guerrero Rangers Pirates Single 6/24/2010
Julio Lugo Orioles Nationals Fielders Choice 6/25/2010
Skip Schumaker Cardinals Diamondbacks Fielders Choice 6/28/2010
Dan Uggla Marlins Mets Single 6/29/2010
Ryan Zimmerman Nationals Mets Sacrifice Fly 7/1/2010
Omar Infante Braves Marlins Single 7/2/2010
Ivan Rodriguez Nationals Mets Single 7/3/2010
Matt LaPorta Indians Athletics Single 7/3/2010
Marcus Thames Yankees Blue Jays Single 7/4/2010
Todd Helton Rockies Giants Sacrifice Fly 7/4/2010
Tony Gwynn Jr Padres Astros Single 7/4/2010
Johnny Damon Tigers Orioles Home Run 7/6/2010
Ryan Zimmerman Nationals Padres Home Run 7/6/2010
Seth Smith Rockies Cardinals Home Run 7/6/2010
Chris Iannetta Rockies Cardinals Home Run 7/7/2010
Brian Schneider Phillies Reds Home Run 7/8/2010
Ryan Howard Phillies Reds Home Run 7/9/2010
Ryan Braun Brewers Pirates Single 7/9/2010
Jimmy Rollins Phillies Reds Single 7/10/2010
Jason Bartlett Rays Indians Single 7/11/2010
Corey Hart Brewers Pirates Home Run 7/11/2010
Nick Swisher Yankees Rays Single 7/16/2010
Austin Kearns Indians Tigers Single 7/17/2010
Kevin Youkilis Red Sox Rangers Sacrifice Fly 7/17/2010
Matt Holliday Cardinals Dodgers Single 7/18/2010
Delmon Young Twins White Sox Single 7/18/2010
Alberto Callaspo Royals Blue Jays Single 7/19/2010
Donnie Murphy Marlins Rockies Home Run 7/19/2010
Julio Lugo Orioles Rays Single 7/20/2010
Kevin Kouzmanoff A's Red Sox Single 7/20/2010
Chris Snyder Diamondbacks Mets Single 7/21/2010
Franklin Gutierrez Mariners White Sox Single 7/21/2010
Ronnie Paulino Marlins Rockies Single 7/22/2010
Daniel Murphy Marlins Braves Single 7/23/2010
James Loney Dodgers Mets Home Run 7/24/2010
Ryan Braun Brewers Nationals Single 7/24/2010
Wes Helms Marlins Braves Single 7/25/2010
Nelson Cruz Rangers Athletics Home Run 7/27/2010
Andres Torres Giants Marlins Single 7/28/2010
Oscar Salazar Padres Dodgers Single 7/29/2010
Wilson Valdez Phillies Diamondbacks Home Run 7/29/2010
Brendan Ryan Cardinals Pirates Infield Single 7/30/2010
Alex Gordon Royals Orioles Home Run 7/30/2010