New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts

To me there are 3 keys to this game. 1. Can the Jets, put pressure on Peyton Manning? If they can get pressure on him he turns into a completely different quarterback. If they can't get pressure Lito Sheppard will need to have a much better game defending (Austin Collie has 6 for 94) this Sunday than he did in the last meeting. 2. Can the Jets run for 150+ yards and control the time of possession? 3. Will Matt Stover be able to make field goals? More importantly can the Jets hold the Colts to field goal attempts? I don't think all 3 factors swing in the Jets favor and playing against a team that is much more mature than both the Bengals and the Chargers, the Jets have finally met their match.

Matt: Colts 24 Jets 20

Ryan: Colts 27 Jets 17

Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

Which Adrian Peterson will show up for this game? The one who averages 6 yards a carry or the one who hasn't ran for 100 yards in 8 consecutive games? The Vikings need to control the ball and keep the Saints powerful offense off the field. If they can't do that they could end up in 21-7, 28-10 hole early. The Vikings also need to stop the run early and often so the Saints give up on it, like they did against the Cowboys earlier this year. If they can force the Saints into pass only mode the Vikings defensive line will dominate this game, if not it should come down to the last five minutes of the fourth quarter. I think the Vikings will cover, but I think Reggie Bush has another one of his games this week, 6 carries for 70 yards with a 70 yard touchdown and a big play in the passing game as well.

Matt: Saints 31 Vikings 30

Ryan: Saints 27 Vikings 28