Iowa Hawkeyes vs Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Highlights - January 5, 2010 - Orange Bowl

Great game by the Hawkeyes, they pretty much shut down the Yellow Jackets in the first half. And most of the 2nd half. Not really sure where that high powered Georgia Tech offense was, oh wait it was shut down by the High Powered "Vanilla" Iowa Defense! GO HAWKS! Man I wish College Football had a playoff because it would be a good one this year!

Good Job by Fox by picking the FedEx Ground player of the game too early! Good job picking the only running back that had a touchdown. Douchebags.

My UPS Ground Player of the game is Brandon Wegher, he had a great night! True Freshman!

Wegher had 113 yards and a TD on 16 attempts, with a long of 32.

Extended Version

And Here is a badly recorded version of the post game I found. The Highlight is Stanzi - about 6:25 in.

Middle America? Did he mean Midwest? USA #1!!!!!!!!