Ryan still leads by 4 but I picked up 2 games last week and could gain some ground again this week.

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Ryan Matt
San Diego @ Tennessee San Diego
San Diego
Kansas City @ Cincinnati Cincinnati
Buffalo @ Atlanta
Atlanta Atlanta
Seattle @ Green Bay
Green Bay Green Bay
Houston @ Miami
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh
Carolina @ NY Giants
NY Giants
NY Giants
Jacksonville @ New England
New England
New England
Oakland @ Cleveland
Tampa Bay @ New Orleans
New Orleans
New Orleans
St Louis @ Arizona
Arizona Arizona
Detroit @ San Francisco San Francisco
Denver @ Philadelphia
NY Jets @ Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis
Dallas @ Washington Dallas Dallas
Minnesota @ Chicago Minnesota
Week Total
0 - 0
0 - 0
Season Total
152 - 72
148 - 76

Let us know if you hate our picks, or even better, if you like them.

Lock of the Week

Ryan - San Francisco - Who is the Lions starting QB?
(Denver last week, 12-3)

Matt - Arizona - The Rams have played well the past few games but have just been overmatched. Their starting QB (Null) may be the only QB worse than Jamarcus Russell in the NFL, although in Nulls defense he was a 6th rounder who has 2 career starts. The Cardinals don't have much to play for but even with Warner, Fitz and Boldin only playing a half they should easily get the victory.
(Baltimore, 12-3)

Upset Special

Ryan - Cleveland - I don't really have any upsets this week, soooo Picking Cleveland is always risky.
(Tampa Bay last week 7-7)

Matt - San Diego - not sure how they're an underdog. Philip Rivers doesn't lose in December. (Washington last week, 7-8)