1. Team Moguls74 - (1252/1079)

The league leader in points for the season has the most balanced team with Rivers, SJax, Ricky Williams, VJax, Harvin and Miles Austin leading the charge. Has scored 100 points in 6 of the last 7 weeks, including 176 points in week 7. The late round picks of Miles Austin and Ricky Williams have proven dividends all season.
Record vs playoff teams: 3-3
Odds of winning the title? 25%

2. Carolina Cougars - (1176/1030)

The Cougars best players are Tony Romo, Roddy White and Dallas Clark. They also have fantasy disappointments Matt Forte, Pierre Thomas and Santonio Holmes. A midseason trade for Pierre Thomas has helped a little at running back, but he has had a carousel all year with Forte being a huge disappointment.
Record vs playoff teams: 2-2
Odds of winning the title? 20%

3. Team Horton - (1126/1011)

Team Horton has 3 fantasy superstars with Chris Johnson, Randy Moss and Vernon Davis. The big question mark is at QB with Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez the two QBs on his roster. The late pick of Vernon Davis rivals the pick of Miles Austin as steal of the draft.
Record vs playoff teams: 3-1
Odds of winning the title? 18%

4. HotCarls OnTheBeach - (1059/1035)

This team made the playoffs based off a favorable schedule and not much else. Best players are Kurt Warner and LaDainian Tomlinson. An underdog every week, HotCarls finished the year 7-0-1 in its last 8 matchups. HotCarls missed the draft and was autopicked 7 RBs and just 2 WRs, Lee Evans and Steve Breaston. I think a miracle can only describe his run.
Record vs playoff teams: 3-1
Odds of winning the title? 10%

5. CasaDeChampions - (1159/1164)

Made the playoffs despite having the 3rd highest points against in the league and actually being outscored by his opponents. CasaDeChampions are led by MJD and the Aaron Rodgers/Donald Driver combo. The recent pickup of Garrett Hartley could prove huge in the playoffs, he'll need the extra points with Chaz Schilens and Austin Collie his other 2 starting WRs
Record vs playoff teams: 2-3
Odds of winning the title? 12%

6. Burressted Development - (1223/1210)

Nearly missed the playoffs despite scoring the 2nd most points in the league because of his very high points against. Burressted Development is led by Tom Brady, Cedric Benson,Larry Fitzgerald, Desean Jackson and Visanthe Shiancoe. Has had a carousel of players filling out his 2nd RB and 3rd WR spot all year. Currently starting the continaully disappointing TJ Houshmandzadeh most weeks. The pickup of Justin Forsett helped him win 3 of his last 4 to secure the 6th seed.
Record vs playoff teams: 2-2
Odds of winning the title? 15%

Teams 1 and 2 will receive first round byes.

The current ESPN projections
3. Team Horton 106
6. Burressted Development 94

4. HotCarls OnTheBeach 90
5. CasaDeChampions 113

As everyone knows the favorite never wins in the fantasy playoffs and that's why HotCarls OnTheBeach will win the league. Want to check out the teams? Post your predictions below