So since we have been putting the power rankings out on Thursdays for the past couple weeks are they still considered late? Technically, I think they might be on time now.

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1. Saints 12-0 They just keep on winning. Hard to stop this team.
2. Colts 12-0 Manning vs Brees in undefeated super bowl fiasco?!?!
3. Vikings 11-2
Great win vs a tough Bengals team
4. Chargers 10-3 The Chargers are really rolling late in the season.
5. Bengals 9-4 Fell short against a great Vikings team
6. Eagles 9-4 Vick-torious?
7. Packers 8-4 I had my doubts, but the Packers are looking good.
8. Giants 7-6
Played a great game vs the Eagles. Fell short though.
9. Cardinals
8-5 WTF Cardinals?!?! Clinch your division already
10. Patriots 8-5 Maybe they are saving themselves for the playoffs?
11. Dolphins
They're still in the playoff hunt, must win this week though
12. Ravens
7-6 Ray Rice or MJD for best "he's too small" draft pick of all time?
13. Jaguars 7-6 Reggie Nelson is god awful and should be cut
14. Broncos 8-5 Brandon Marshall is a man amongst boys. Too bad they have no other receivers
15. Jets
Somehow still in the playoff race and play the banged up Falcons this week
16. Falcons 6-7 Must win game without Turner and Ryan this week. Good luck.
17. Cowboys 8-5
Yes I dropped the Cowboys pretty far, they deserve it.
18. Titans 6-7 How long can Chris Johnson keep it up?
19. 49ers 6-7
Great game vs the Cardinals, but have a long ways to go.
20. Steelers 6-7
They lost to the Browns.
21. Texans 6-7
Over/under 40 points against the Rams this week?
22. Panthers 5-8
Both tackles are out for the year and they play the Vikings this week.
23. Redskins 4-9
Their defense is playing really well but when you're down to your 4th RB of the year it's hard to win.
24. Bills 5-8
I think TO lights it up this week and outshines Randy Moss
25. Raiders 4-9
Has anyone ever asked how long until we can have Bruce Gradkowski back?
26. Bears 5-8
Great Cutler trade, glad the Vikings didn't go after him. In Sage we trust!
27. Seahawks 5-8
CJ spiller would look really good in a Seahawks uniform
28. Chiefs 3-10
Please continue to feeding Jamal Charles the rock so I can win in Fantasy Football. Thanks!
29. Lions 2-11 They're not a very good team but injuries have really hurt them this year
30. Browns 2-11 In their 2 wins they have 8 complete passes.
31. Bucs 1-12 Does Josh Freeman have enough games to catch Jay Cutler in INTs?
32. Rams 1-12 WHAT!? They started WHO at QB this week!?!

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