So I have been incapacitated from turkey the past few days, sorry for no updates. I just read and watched videos about Tiger Wood's car accident. If you haven't heard, here is most of it, and my conspiracy theories.

Tiger Woods was injured Friday at about 2 AM when he lost control of his SUV just outside his Florida home. Woods' wife used a golf club to smash out the back window to help get him out.

Woods has been treated and released from the hospital, and is in good condition.

So what the hell happened Tiger? I have a few theories to break down everything.

1. He had a tournament in the morning, Tigercouldn't sleep so he took some Ambien and slept-drove down the driveway. Instead of pressing the brake as he backed up he pressed the gas, and unknowingly smashed into the fire hydrant and tree.

2. Tiger and his wife were fighting and she swung a golf club at the back end of his car as he drove away lost control and he drove into a fire hydrant and a tree

3. Tiger was drunk, realized he really hated that tree and fire hydrant, and ran it over to get rid of it.

4. Tiger was all hyped up on Tryptophan from the turkey he had on Thanksgiving, and probably was close to unconsciousness as he drove down the driveway.

5. Tiger doesn't normally drive, he probably has s driver, therefore he forgot how.

6. He is so used to a golf cart where he pushes the pedal down all the way to go 12 mph. So he just floored it with his SUV.