The Power rankings are out, just a little bit late. There has been some shifting in the middle of the field, but not to much movement near the top or the bottom.

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1. Saints 7-0 The Saints stay #1 and looked good against Atlanta but I think some flaws were exposed, Michael Turner ran for 151 yards.
2. Colts 7-0 Reggie Wayne makes at least one play a week that I have to watch multiple to make sure it's real.
3. Vikings 7-1 Brett Favre looks like he's 28 again. I just hope his body holds up all season.
4. Patriots 5-2
It took Tom Brady a couple weeks to get going but he looks back at 2007 form
5. Steelers
5-2 I have this team up this high because Big Ben is carrying the team. If the running backs don't figure it out they'll be dropping soon.
6. Eagles 5-2 Are the Eagles this good or are the Giants that bad? LeSean McCoy had good stats but not a terrific game. They need Westbrook healthy.
7. Bengals 5-2 The bye week could only help them, especially after Benson carried it 37 times in week 7.
8. Broncos 6-1 The Ravens are a good football team but Denver needs to rebound fast with Pittsburgh coming to town.
9. Ravens
4-3 Joe Flacco looks more and more like a top 5 QB every week.
10. Falcons 4-3 The Falcons looked good against the Saints, but Matt Ryan needs to trust his receivers other than Gonzalez in crunch time.
11. Cowboys 5-2 Tony Romo has looked not terrible the past 3 weeks. I wish the same could be said for Roy Williams.
12. Chargers 4-3 Their defense without Jamaal Williams needs to step it up.
13. Giants 5-3 Eli will never say it but his plantar fascias is bothering him? a lot.
14. Packers
4-3 If they had on offensive line they could be a top 5 team
15. Texans
5-3 Everytime I buy into them they disappoint me, hard to buy in against Indianapolis this weekend.
16. Dolphins 3-4
They got nothing from Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams but still won, they will be a force next year for sure.
17. Jets 4-4 The Jets forgot how to play special teams last week, I don't think Rex will let that happen again
18. Cardinals 4-3 Just when you think they are rolling Kurt Warner from the New York Giants returns
19. Bears 4-3 They may have won last week, but they didn't look good, and against the Browns it is hard not to look good.
20. Panthers
3-4 Is there a better two headed monster than DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart? Run the ball 35 times a game, minimum
21. 49ers 3-4 I don't trust Alex Smith, but the 49ers were impressive in their loss to Indianapolis last week
22. Seahawks 2-5 Injuries have once again decimated this team, time to play for next year
23. Jaguars 3-4 How does Maurice Jones-Drew only get 7 carries? Feed that kid the rock!
24. Bills 3-5 The Bills are awful but somehow find themselves at #24 because of all the terrible teams this year
25. Titans 2-6 I'm not buying into Vince Young yet but he did look good last week, speaking of looking good, Chris Johnson is a man.
26. Chiefs 1-6 Looks like the Jamaal Charles era is starting he should look good this week against the pitiful Jaguars
27. Redskins 2-5 If Chris Cooley comes back in 4 weeks for this mess he will officially be the craziest man in the NFL, but also one of the toughest
28. Raiders
2-6 Hard to believe the only QB worse than JaMarcus Russell is also on the Raiders. How did they beat the Eagles?
29. Lions 1-6 No Calvin Johnson means they aren't scoring.
30. Rams 1-7 Opposing teams have one job, shut down Steven Jackson, and he runs for 100 yards every week
31. Browns
1-7 If I were Jamal Lewis I'd retire too, probably this week.
32. Bucs 0-7 If they start Josh Freeman from here on out they won't win a game. With the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft?..

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