Hey look the power rankings are out on time for the first time in a month! Enjoy.

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1. Saints 8-0 The Saints looked like they were beat in the first quarter, but they finished the game like a hurricane? Too soon?
2. Colts 8-0 The Colts survived the upset vs the Texans at home thanks to a missed field goal. They will send him flowers this week.
3. Vikings 7-1 The Vikings were on bye this week. With Green Bay and Chicago losing, they got a victory.
4. Patriots 6-2
The competition committee should look into banning Moss and Brady from being on the same team together. It just isn't fair.
5. Steelers
6-2 The Steelers are back, I had my doubts (hopes) about them. Now all they need to watch out for is the pesky Bengals
6. Bengals 6-2 Bengals are 4-0 in their division. That is just insane. I never would of thought that would have happened. Go Bengals!
7. Cowboys 6-2 I need to give the Cowboys some love, beating the Eagles on the road is a great accomplishment. But get Witten the damn ball, I drafted him this year thinking he would be a stud.
8. Broncos 6-2 Two losses in a row, but have no fear they still play the Redskins, Raiders, and the Chiefs twice.
9. Cardinals
5-3 Arizona is 4-0 on the road for maybe the first time ever? Maybe they could pick it up at home a little? Although it's probably the fair weather fans bringing down the Cardinals home field advantage. Go jump on another bandwagon!
10.Falcons 5-3 The Falcons dominated the Redskins. Their offense played great, but maybe thats because they played the Redskins.
11. Eagles 5-3 The Eagles lost to the cowboys, maybe they should give Jackson the ball more, so I can win by more in fantasy football.
12. Chargers 5-3 Are the Chargers coming back? They seemed like they were out of the question a few weeks ago. Norv = Genius? No.
13. Texans 5-4 The Texans lost in a close one to the Colts. They seem like a legit team to me, they could still make a good playoff run.
14. Giants
5-4 The Giants have lost 4 in a row. They have a lot to work on during their bye this week. Like how to win a game.
15. Ravens
4-4 The Ravens lost to the Bengals. 1 year ago that would be an insult. Today it is just a tough loss to a good team.
16. Packers 4-4
The Packers lost to arguably the worst team in football, with a rookie qb that has never started a game. Good job.
17. Jets 4-4 The Jets were on bye last week. They probably were scheming up a comeback, or maybe writing funny post game speeches for Rex Ryan.
18. 49ers 4-3 The 49ers are in a losing slump, they should probably just give up and get a new qb in the draft.
19. Dolphins 3-5 The dolphins are the best team with a losing record, they could beat any team on any given day. Every game has been close.
20. Bears
4-4 The bears got their asses kicked by the Cardinals at home. They are in desperate need of a game changing WR.
21. Panthers 3-5 The Panthers lost a 2 TD lead to the Saints. All they had to do was waste 3 quarters of time and they would have won.
22. Jaguars 4-4 The Jags held of the Chiefs and came out with a W. They could still make a playoffs, but they have a tough road ahead.
23. Seahawks 3-5 I am not really sure if the Lions lost this won or if the Seahawks won it. They need major help on OL and RB.
24. Titans 2-6 I turned on the TV, and Vince Young was running the option, it just felt right. Titans are going to have a 10 win season still? Probably not, but they could beat a lot of teams.
25. Bills 3-5 Buffalo had a bye this week. Not really sure what else to put for the Bills, they aren't good.
26. Bucs
1-6 Tampa Bay won their first game of the season with a rookie QB, starting in his first game. Good Job.
27. Chiefs 1-7 Jamaal Charles had 6 carries for 36 yards. Jags gave up 228 yards to Chris Johnson last week. Figure it out Chiefs. Horrible Game planning/calling
28. Redskins
2-6 The Skin's lost the the Falcons, didn't expect them to come close. Horrible team, (insert "makes me want to puke" drop)
29. Raiders 2-6 Oakland had a bye last week, but they probably would have lost anyway. Still waiting for them to fire their coach and bench JaMarcus Russell.
30. Rams 1-7 The Rams had a bye this week, but they have nothing else to work for this year, they got their Win this year. Time to prepare for the draft.
31. Lions
1-7 The Lions couldn't hold off the Seahawks after a 17 point lead. That's just the same old story in Detroit
32. Browns 1-7 The Browns had a bye last week. Still need to find a starting QB, word on the street is they called up Tim Couch.

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