Looking for MLB Offseason Trades?

Free Agents listed by team they last played for.

Arizona Diamondbacks
SP Doug Davis B signed by Brewers 1/20/2010
RP Scott Schoenweis signed by Red Sox 3/26/2010
1B Chad Tracy signed by Cubs 1/27/2010
1B Josh Whitesell signed by Nationals 12/29/2009
Atlanta Braves
OF Garret Anderson B signed by Dodgers 3/3/2010
OF Ryan Church signed by Pirates 1/12/2010
RP Mike Gonzalez A signed by Orioles 12/17/2009
2B Kelly Johnson signed by Diamondbacks 12/30/2009
SP Tim Hudson ** resigned by Braves 11/12/2009
1B Adam LaRoche A signed by Diamondbacks 1/14/2010
1B/OF Greg Norton retired
RP Rafael Soriano A accepted arbitration 12/6/2009
Baltimore Orioles
RP Danys Baez signed by Phillies 1/1/2010
RP Brian Bass signed by Pirates 1/12/2010
SP/RP Mark Hendrickson resigned by Orioles 1/28/2010
C Chad Moeller resigned by Orioles 12/4/2009
3B Melvin Mora B signed by Rockies 1/31/2010
Boston Red Sox
OF Brian Anderson signed by Royals 12/23/2009
OF Rocco Baldelli signed by Rays (Special Asst) 3/2/2010
OF Jason Bay A signed by Mets 12/30/2009
SP Paul Byrd
SS Alex Gonzalez signed by Blue Jays 11/29/2009
RP Takashi Saito signed by Braves 12/3/2009
RP Javier Lopez signed by Pirates 12/18/2009
RP Billy Wagner A signed by Braves 12/2/2009
3B Chris Woodward signed by Mariners 1/6/2010
Chicago Cubs
RP Neal Cotts signed by Pirates 1/4/2010
OF Jim Edmonds signed by Brewers 1/28/2010
RP Chad Fox retired
RP John Grabow A resigned by Cubs 11/20/2009
RP Kevin Gregg A signed by Blue Jays 2/5/2010
SP Rich Harden B signed by Rangers 12/10/2009
OF Reed Johnson signed by Dodgers 2/2/2010
Chicago White Sox
RP D.J. Carrasco signed by Pirates 1/16/2010
C Ramon Castro resigned by White Sox 1/14/2010
RP Octavio Dotel A signed by Pirates 1/20/2010
OF Jermaine Dye A
OF Scott Podsednik signed by Royals 1/8/2010
Cincinnati Reds
OF Jonny Gomes resigned by Reds 2/22/2010
SP Kip Wells resigned by Reds 2/11/2010
Cleveland Indians
2B/3B/OF Jamey Carroll signed by Dodgers 12/16/2009
SP Adam Miller resigned by Indians 12/13/2009
SP/RP Tomokazu Ohka signed with Yokohama (Japan) 4/6/2010
RP Anthony Reyes resigned by Indians 12/13/2009
RP Jose Veras signed by Marlins 1/29/2010
Colorado Rockies
3B Garrett Atkins signed by Orioles 12/16/2009
RP Joe Beimel B resigned by Rockies 3/23/2010
RP Rafael Betancourt ** resigned by Rockies 12/13/2009
SP Jose Contreras signed by Phillies 1/22/2010
RP Alan Embree signed by Red Sox 3/20/2010
RP/SP Josh Fogg signed by Mets 1/29/2010
1B Jason Giambi resigned by Rockies 1/23/2010
RP Matt Herges signed by Royals 1/11/2010
SP Jason Marquis B signed by Nationals 12/22/2009
RP Juan Rincon resigned by Rockies 1/2/2010
C Yorvit Torrealba signed by Padres 2/5/2010
Detroit Tigers
SS Adam Everett resigned by Tigers 12/7/2009
1B/3B Aubrey Huff signed by Giants 1/10/2010
RP Brandon Lyon B signed by Astros 12/10/2009
2B Placido Polanco A signed by Phillies 12/3/2009
RP Fernando Rodney B signed by Angels 12/24/2009
SP Jarrod Washburn
Florida Marlins
CF Alfredo Amezaga signed by Dodgers 2/2/2010
RP Kiko Calero B signed by Mets 3/4/2010
RP Brendan Donnelly signed by Pirates 1/16/2010
1B/OF Ross Gload signed by Phillies 12/15/2009
1B Nick Johnson B signed by Yankees 12/18/2009
Houston Astros
1B/3B Aaron Boone retired
RP Doug Brocail B retired 1/26/2010
1B/OF Darin Erstad
SP Mike Hampton
RP LaTroy Hawkins signed by Brewers 12/9/2009
OF Jason Michaels resigned by Astros 12/14/2009
SS Miguel Tejada A signed by Orioles 1/23/2010
RP Jose Valverde A signed by Tigers 1/14/2010
Kansas City Royals
CF Josh Anderson signed by Reds 1/5/2010
C John Buck signed by Blue Jays 12/13/2009
SP/RP Bruce Chen resigned by Royals 12/11/2009
OF Coco Crisp signed by Athletics 12/27/2009
C Miguel Olivo B signed by Rockies 1/4/2010
RP Jamey Wright signed by Indians 2/9/2010
Los Angeles Angels
RP Jose Arredondo signed by Reds 1/23/2010
3B Matt Brown signed by Rangers 1/7/2010
SP Kelvin Escobar signed by Mets 12/27/2009
3B Chone Figgins signed by Mariners 12/8/2009
OF/DH Vladimir Guerrero signed by Rangers 1/9/2010
SP John Lackey signed by Red Sox 12/16/2009
SP Dustin Moseley signed by Yankees 2/16/2010
RP Darren Oliver signed by Rangers 12/22/2009
1B/3B/OF Robb Quinlan resigned by Angels 2/11/2010
Los Angeles Dodgers
C Brad Ausmus resigned by Dodgers 1/26/2010
2B Ronnie Belliard B resigned by Dodgers 1/26/2010
2B Juan Castro signed by Phillies 11/24/2009
2B/SS Jon Garland B signed by Diamondbacks 1/26/2010
2B Orlando Hudson A signed by Twins 2/4/2010
1B/2B/3B Mark Loretta retired, hired by Padres FO 1/25/2010
1B Doug Mientkiewicz resigned by Dodgers 12/17/2009
SP Eric Milton
RP Guillermo Mota B signed by Giants 2/2/2010
RP Will Ohman B ** signed by Orioles 2/9/2010
SP Vicente Padilla B resigned by Dodgers 1/20/2010
SP Jason Schmidt retired
DH/1B Jim Thome signed by Twins 1/26/2010
SP Jeff Weaver resigned by Dodgers 2/2/2010
SP Randy Wolf A signed by Brewers 12/9/2009
Milwaukee Brewers
OF Mike Cameron B signed by Red Sox 12/16/2009
OF Frank Catalanotto signed by Mets 1/30/2010
2B/SS/3B Craig Counsell resigned by Brewers 12/14/2009
RP Mark DiFelice resigned by Brewers 12/16/2009
C Jason Kendall B signed by Royals 12/11/2009
RP Braden Looper B
2B/3B/SS/OF Felipe Lopez B signed by Cardinals 2/27/2010
RP Seth McClung signed by Marlins 2/1/2010
OF Corey Patterson signed by Mariners 12/21/2009
C Mike Rivera signed by Yankees 12/22/2009
P Ben Sheets signed by Athletics 1/26/2010
SP/RP Claudio Vargas resigned by Brewers 12/18/2009
RP Dave Weathers B
Minnesota Twins
SS Orlando Cabrera A signed by Reds 1/31/2010
3B Joe Crede
RP Ron Mahay resigned by Twins 3/23/2010
SP Carl Pavano B Accepted Arbitration 12/8/2009
C Mike Redmond signed by Indians 1/15/2010
New York Mets
RP Lance Broadway signed by Blue Jays 12/24/2009
2B/SS Alex Cora resigned by Mets 11/30/2009
1B Carlos Delgado B
RP Elmer Dessens resigned by Mets 12/11/2009
2B/SS Ramon Martinez
RP J.J. Putz signed by White Sox 12/11/2009
SP Tim Redding signed by Rockies 1/27/2010
OF Jeremy Reed signed by Blue Jays 1/26/2010
C Brian Schneider signed by Phillies 12/1/2009
OF Gary Sheffield
OF Cory Sullivan signed by Astros 1/20/2010
1B/3B/OF Fernando Tatis resigned by Mets 1/29/2010
New York Yankees
OF Johnny Damon A signed by Tigers 2/20/2010
2B/3B/SS/OF Jerry Hairston Jr signed by Padres 1/19/2010
1B/OF Eric Hinske signed by Braves 1/5/2010
OF Hideki Matsui signed by Angels 12/16/2009
C Jose Molina signed by Blue Jays 2/19/2010
OF Xavier Nady B signed by Cubs 1/26/2010
SP Andy Pettite B resigned by Yankees 12/8/2009
SP Chien-Ming Wang signed by Nationals 2/16/2010
Oakland Athletics
SS Bobby Crosby signed by Pirates 12/10/2009
DH Jack Cust resigned by Athletics 1/7/2010
SP Justin Duchscherer B resigned by Athletics 12/30/2009
1B Nomar Garciaparra retired 3/11/2010
2B Adam Kennedy signed by Nationals 2/5/2010
SP Brett Tomko resigned by Athletics 2/28/2010
Philadelphia Phillies
C Paul Bako
IF Miguel Cairo signed by Reds 1/27/2010
RP Clay Condrey signed by Twins 1/6/2010
RP Scott Eyre B announced retirement 1/7/2010
3B Pedro Feliz signed by Astros 12/10/2009
SP Pedro Martinez
SP Brett Myers signed by Astros 1/8/2010
SP Chan Ho Park B signed by Yankees 2/22/2010
OF Matt Stairs signed by Padres 1/23/2010
Pittsburgh Pirates
RP Matt Capps signed by Nationals 12/24/2009
San Diego Padres
C Henry Blanco signed by Mets 12/10/2009
OF Brian Giles B signed by Dodgers/Retired 2/6 & 3/11
RP Jackson Quezada resgined by Padres 12/14/2009
RP Mark Worrell signed by Padres 1/7/2010
San Francisco Giants
1B/3B Rich Aurilia retirement
1B Ryan Garko signed by Mariners 2/1/2010
RP Bob Howry B signed by Diamondbacks 12/26/2009
SP Randy Johnson B retired 1/6/2010
C Bengie Molina A resigned by Giants 1/19/2010
SP Brad Penny signed by Cardinals 12/7/2009
2B/3B/SS Juan Uribe resigned by Giants 12/30/2009
OF Randy Winn B signed by Yankees 1/27/2010
Seattle Mariners
SP/RP Miguel Batista signed by Nationals 1/29/2010
SP Erik Bedard B signed by Mariners 2/5/2010
3B Adrian Beltre B signed by Red Sox 1/4/2010
1B Russell Branyan signed by Indians 2/19/2010
OF Endy Chavez signed by Rangers 2/15/2010
OF Ryan Langerhans resigned by Mariners 12/18/2009
1B/DH Mike Sweeney resigned by Mariners 2/12/2010
SS Jack Wilson ** resigned by Mariners 11/13/2009
St. Louis Cardinals
OF Rick Ankiel signed by Royals 1/22/2010
3B Mark DeRosa signed by Giants 12/28/2009
3B Troy Glaus signed by Braves 12/24/2009
SS/3B Khalil Greene contract voided, still FA 1/10/2010
OF Matt Holliday resigned by Cardinals 1/5/2010
C Jason LaRue resigned by Cardinals 11/30/2009
SP Joel Pineiro signed by Angels 1/20/2010
SP John Smoltz
SP Todd Wellemeyer signed by Giants 2/10/2010
Tampa Bay Rays
RP Chad Bradford
OF Gabe Gross signed by Athletics 2/1/2010
RP Jason Isringhausen
RP Joe Nelson signed by Red Sox 2/2/2010
RP Troy Percival retired
C Shawn Riggins signed by Mets 2/11/2010
RP Brian Shouse B signed by Red Sox 1/15/2010
RP Russ Springer B
C Gregg Zaun B signed by Brewers 12/4/2009
Texas Rangers
RP Joaquin Benoit signed by Rays 2/15/2010
3B Hank Blalock signed by Rays 3/7/2010
OF Marlon Byrd B signed by Cubs 12/31/2009
RP Eddie Guardado signed by Nationals, then released 12/26/2009
OF Andruw Jones signed by White Sox 11/25/2009
C Ivan Rodriguez B signed by Nationals 12/8/2009
SS Omar Vizquel signed by White Sox 11/23/2009
Toronto Blue Jays
C Rod Barajas B signed by Mets 2/20/2010
C Raul Chavez resigned by Blue Jays 12/13/2009
3B/SS John McDonald resigned by Blue Jays 11/25/2009
OF Kevin Millar signed by Cubs 2/1/2010
2B/SS Marco Scutaro A signed by Red Sox 12/4/2009
Washington Nationals
C Josh Bard signed by Mariners 12/28/2009
SP Livan Hernandez resigned by Nationals 2/24/2010
OF Austin Kearns signed by Indians 1/5/2010
RP Mike MacDougal signed by Marlins 2/18/2010
SP Scott Olsen resigned by Nationals 12/14/2009
RP Ron Villone resigned by Nationals 2/17/2010
1B Dmitri Young retired 3/19/2010
LHP Noel Arguelles signed by Royals 1/7/2010
SP Aroldis Chapman signed by Reds 1/10/2010
Dominican Republic
SS Edward Salcedo signed by Braves 2/23/2010
RP Ryota Igarashi signed by Mets 12/18/2009
1B Dan Johnson signed by Rays 1/11/2010
SP Colby Lewis signed by Rangers 1/25/2010
C Jorge Alfaro signed by Rangers 1/19/2010
No team last year
RP Eric Gagne signed by Dodgers 2/18/2010
2B Mark Grudzielanek signed by Indians 1/12/2010
RP Byung-Hyun Kim signed by Giants 2/1/2010
SP Shawn Estes signed by Nationals 2/6/2010
OF Brad Wilkerson signed by Phillies 2/23/2010

A - Top 20% statistically the past 2 years
B - Top 40% statistically the past 2 years
** - Player can declare themselves a free agent based on their contract