Adam Dunn hits 45 HRs but has no more than 90 RBIs - Wrong 38 HR 105 RBI

The New York Yankees finish 3rd in the division and barely beat out the Orioles for it - Horribly Wrong

The Twins and Royals finish 1st and 2nd in the AL Central - 1/2 right

The Cubs finish 2nd in the NL Central even after a midseason trade for Jake Peavy 1/2 right

Josh Hamilton will have a better year than last year - horribly wrong but he was injured

Zach Greinke finishes second in Cy Young voting (or wins it) - He should win it

Rick Ankiel hits 30 HR with 100 RBI - Is he still in the majors?

The Phillies miss the playoffs - Wrong

Carlos Zambrano finishes with an ERA of at least 4.00 - Wrong 3.77

Billy Butler hits .300 - Right .301

Wandy Rodriguez wins at least 12 games - Right 14 wins

Jay Bruce plays less than 140 games in the majors - 1/2 right, I meant he'd get sent down to the minors

Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter make 60 starts between them - Right, 62 starts

Yovani Gallardo is a top 10 fantasy pitcher - Wrong 27th

Hanley Ramirez hits below .285 and moves to 3B - Horribly wrong

The Atlanta Braves trade for Nate McLouth - Right

Erik Bedard and Felix Hernandez both finish as top 15 fantasy pitchers - 1/2 right, if Bedard could stay healthy he was on his way

Matt Holliday steals 35 bases - Wrong only 14

Brian Fuentes blows one save or less - wrong 7 blown saves

Miguel Cabrera goes .310/40/125 - Wrong .324/34/103 if he would've cut back on the alcohol I'd have had a chance

Grady Sizemore finish .290/35/100 and with 40 stolen bases - wrong, injured the whole season

Scott Baker finishes as a higher rated fantasy pitcher than Francisco Liriano - My prediction was more saying Scott Bake would be an ace, which was somewhat true but Liriano was god awful

Roy Halladay wins 30% of his teams games - wrong

Nick Markakis goes .310/25/105 - wrong

Daisuke Matsuzaka finsihs with an ERA above 4.00 - right 5.71, although he was injured most of the year

John Smoltz plays a vital role in the Red Sox making the playoffs down the stretch - wrong

A.J. Burnett makes fewer than 20 starts - wrong, but really only because they had no other options

Alfonso Soriano plays in less than 120 games - correct

Ryan Braun hits 42 HRs - wrong

Jair Jurrjens wins 17 games - wrong but he was light out this year

Brad Lidge finishes with less than 33 saves - correct 31 saves

Francisco Rodriguez gets replaced as the Mets closer - wrong

The Atlanta Braves beat the Twins in the World Series - wrong

So I went 11/33 which is better than what I thought I would have done. I was expecting closer to 25%.