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1. Colts 5-0 Peyton Manning could make me a great NFL WR, I will never doubt him again.
2. Giants 5-0 How many times does a quarterback have his team up so much that by halftime he can sit? The Giants are good
3. Vikings 5-0 They haven't faced the stiffest competition this year, but they've blown out who they should have
4. Saints
4-0 Drew Brees hasn't thrown a TD in 2 straight weeks, but they are running for 150+ yards a game.
5. Broncos 5-0 Brandon Marshall may be playing better than any WR in the league right now, except maybe Andre Johnson
6. Bengals 4-1 Cedric Benson is the league rusher in the NFL. You didn't read that wrong, he really is.
7. Eagles
3-1 The Eagles seem to have the deepest offense in the NFL, someone gets hurt and someone else steps up big.
8. Falcons
3-1 The Falcons looked really good against the 49ers. Big statement game this week against the Bears
9. Jets
3-2 Mark Sanchez played well last week but the defense couldn't stop the Wildcat, good matchup this week against the Bills.
10. Ravens 3-2 Two consecutive losses means they will bring the house against the Vikings this week, I wouldn't be surprised if they right the ship this week
11. Steelers 3-2 They play the Browns this week, they need to get Willie Parker back into form and Polamalu healthy again
12. Bears 3-1 Big game this week against the Falcons who blew out the 49ers last week. Is Jay Cutler for real?
13. Patriots 3-2 The offense is looking awful but they're still doing enough to win and stay in games, if they get clicking, watch out.
14. 49ers 3-2 The 49ers forgot to show up last week and are showing how much they miss Frank Gore.
15. Packers
Aaron Rodgers got ROCKED in this game. Their offensive line is in shambles. They have some major protection issues.
16. Chargers
2-3 Tomlinson had 5 carries for 15 yards. The Chargers can't run the ball, what the hell happened? 15 Yards!
17. Dolphins 2-3 The wildcat is looking really good and Ronnie Brown is looking like a top 5 running back again
18. Seahawks 2-3 Hasselbeck is back. He means everyone to this team, and now the Seahawks are contenders again.
19. Cardinals 2-3 The Cardinals still need to run more, Beanie and Hightower are doing decent with the carries they are getting.
20. Cowboys 3-2 The Cowboys are not looking very good, probably an 8-8 team. Season isn't over yet, but they have a lot of work to do.
21. Texans 2-3 Close game for the Texans, but they still have a lot of work to do on Defense. Like finding one.
22. Jaguars 2-3 What the hell happened in this game? I'm just going to assume Mike Sims Walker means a lot to Jags
23. Panthers 1-3 If the Panthers just run the ball they can win games, just let Delhomme manage the game, and run it with your 2 beasts.
24. Lions 1-4 The Lions are actually playing fairly well, Culpepper did decent and they stayed in the game with the Steelers.
25. Titans 0-5 The Titans are really disappointing. I say put Vince Young in and run the option with Chris Johnson.
26. Bills
1-4 With TO, Lee Evans, Fred Jackson, and Marshawn Lynch you would think Buffalo would have some sort of offense.
27. Redskins 2-3 Jim Zorn hasn't been fired yet? This may be the worst team in the league they just got lucky twice.
28. Chiefs 0-5 The Chiefs are looking pretty good, they are staying in games and their offense is starting to move a little.
29. Raiders 1-4 JaMarcus Russell needs to be benched, Tom Cable should be fired, and Al Davis needs to be put in a home.
30. Bucs 0-5 Josh Johnson can make some plays on Offense, but the only problem is he is doing it for the opponents defense as well.
31. Browns
1-4 Woohoo The Browns won a game! Oh wait, Derek Anderson only went 2/17 for 23 yards. What am I cheering about?
32. Rams
0-5 The Rams lost again, but at least they scored a touchdown? Outlook is not good for the Rams.

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