Time to take a look at what NFL Coaches are going to be losing their job soon. There are a few teams out there with some bad coaching situations, Redskins will probably have the first coach fired.


1. Jim Zorn - Washington Redskins - What the hell happened to Washington? They have all the money in the world to get the best players, but they can't even beat the crappiest teams. They are horrendous. He should be gone by the end of the week.

2. Tom Cable - Oakland Raiders - There are a number of reason why Tom Cable should be let go, its hard to pick just one. Maybe because he still has JaMarcus Russell as a starter or maybe it's because he punched his assistant in the face. Hard to put your finger on just one.

3. Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers - Adam Schefter posed this question "Just wondering: How can a team with LaDainian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles be ranked 32nd in the league in rushing?" Well the answer is simple, Norv Turner is your head coach.He's doing one of the worst coaching jobs in football, with some of the best players. He should have ran away with the division this year, but is probably going to be battling for 2nd place. If they lose The Chargers lostto Denver this week, they are now 3 back in the loss column, and only 6 games into the season.

Did you see what Sproles did last night? How can you not utilize him? Fire Norv Turner now and their still might be some hope for the season. He is really battling for being one of the worst coaches ever. Good thing they got rid of Mary Schottenheimer, just kidding.


1. Dick Jauron - Buffalo Bills - Not effectively using Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, TO, and Lee Evans might be a good reason. He has so much potential in his team, but has no idea how to get it out of anyone.

2. Wade Phillips - Dallas Cowboys - Does he do anything as a coach? I think he might have his headset tuned into Jerry Jones' box. He has done a great job making the Cowboys an 8-8 team.

3. Jeff Fisher - Tennessee Titans - The Titans are now 0-6 and they just got blown out by the Patriots. They had -7 passing yards. How is that even possible?


1. John Fox - Carolina Panthers - The Panthers have been playing well to try and save their season and John Fox. They had been one of the most disappointing starts of the season, but if they continue to run the ball they can recover.

2. Eric Mangini - Cleveland Browns - Mangini's tenure at Cleveland could end sooner than anticpated. The Browns have traded away all their good players except Josh Cribbs but look to be improving. They weren't horrendous against the Steelers but then again Derek Anderson didn't go 2-17 passing.

3.Jack Del Rio - Jacksonville Jaguars - If the Jaguars don't start winning Del Rio and the team could be out of Jacksonville by the end of the year.

4.Gary Kubiak - Houston Texans - Every year the Texans are a sleeper pick to make the playoffs, but they are so inconsistent. They have Andre Johnson who may be the best wide receiver in the league a good QB and good WR2 a good RB and a good TE yet they just aren't consistent on offense and they are terrible on defense. Maybe defensive coordinator Frank Bush is the one who needs to be fired.