American League

Cy Young - Zach Greinke, Royals. With all apologies to CC Sabathia and Justin Verlander Greinke was the best pitcher in the league this year, he just played for an awful team

MVP - Joe Mauer, Twins. He missed a month of the season and is still top 20 in nearly all offensive categories. Not to mention the Twins were expected to be dreadful this year. Derek Jeter should finish 2nd and Torii Hunter should get votes as well for keeping the Angels clubhouse together during tumultuous times.

Rookie of the Year - Andrew Bailey, Athletics. A 1.88 ERA with 26 saves on a team that went through half a dozen closers before they settled on him. Elvis Andrus and Rick Porcello should finish 2-3.

Manager of the Year - Rod Gardenhire, Twins. Consistenly does the most with the least, every year. Ron Washington should get some votes as well.

National League

Cy Young - Chris Carpenter, Cardinals. Carpenter had a 2.24 ERA with 17 wins, Wainwright and Lincecum should make this the closest race in history.

MVP - Albert Pujols, Cardinals. Not really any discussion

Rookie of the Year - Tommy Hanson, Braves. With all apologies to JA Happ, Hanson finished with nearly identical stats in 40 less innings pitched.

Manager of the Year - Jim Tracy, Rockies. Should beunanimous, not even a close 2nd.

How did my preseason picks fare? I think Ron Gardenhire is the only guy I picked in any of the 8 categories who will receive votes, so not so well.