Twins vs Yankees

I love the twins, but they are completely overmatched in this series. The Twins will have a chance only if they can get to AJ Burnett or Andy Pettite in games 2 and 3. Burnett has been a coin flip all season and Pettite has been terrible when hurt but lights out when he's been healthy. I think the Twins will get a win in game 2 or 3 but the Yankees win the series easily.


Yankees 3-1

Angels vs Red Sox

This is by far the hardest series for me to pick. Both teams have great starting pitching and the Angels have the most underrated offense in the league. I think the Angels play inspired throughout the postseason and get a game 5 win at home to win the series.


Angels 3-2

Dodgers vs Cardinals

This series looks like it should be a sweep by the Cardinals and with the Dodgers being managed by anyone other than Joe Torre I would predict it as just that, but Joe Torre hasn't made the playoffs 15 years in a row by being bad manager. If Manny and Ethier can get their bats going the Dodgers can win this series, but I think the Padilla/Pineiro matchup is the tie breaker and Pineiro will outpitch Padilla.


Cardinals 3-2

Phillies vs Rockies

The Rockies have been the best team in baseball since Jim Tracy took over as manager and Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels have been just average the past month of the season. The loss of Jorge De La Rosa for the Rockies hurts but having a healthy and rested Aaron Cook is a great replacement. As long as the Rockies don't throw Ryan Howard a steady diet of fastballs like every team seemed to do the past month of the season they'll win this series.


Rockies 3-2.