Adam "Pacman" Jones has agreed in principle with the Winnipeg CFL team on a 1 year deal. Jones was released by the Dallas Cowboys in February.

"It'll be a good experience for me to get back in game shape and compete and play football, which I like to do," Jones said, according to "I'm real happy for the opportunity that's been given to me. Of course it's disappointing to me to not be playing in the NFL. But things happen and you have to adjust."

It appears Jones' asking price to play in the UFL was too high and thus he 'chose' the CFL. Jones' agent said Pacman will play on both sides of the ball in the final 10 CFL games.

The good news or maybe the bad news for Pacman Jones is there are only 2 registered strip clubs in Winnipeg, apparently he didn't do a lot of research before he signed. There are rumors circulating that Pacman will 'make it snow' in the strip clubs in Canada rather than making it snow like he did in the states.