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1. Ravens 3-0 Great defense as always. But now they have an outstanding offense that is getting more than 30 points a game.
2. Giants 3-0 It's always a good day when you can play David Carr without any worries of him losing the game for you.
3. Colts 3-0 The Colts look great and are going to be really scary when Bob Sanders and Anthony Gonzalez are healthy.
4. Vikings
3-0 Favre is now +1 on games that has either won/loss. With Favre-ageddon coming this week, lets see if he can keep it up.
5. Jets 3-0 The Jets have really been impressive so far this season, Sanchez has been great, but I still want to see Greene.
6. Saints 3-0 I didn't know the Saints could be slowed down. Apparently they can, but not by much.
7. Patriots
2-1 The Patriots are back to their old school offense, no more fancy passes to Wes Welker. Until he comes back.
8. Chargers
2-1 So Sproles is the new RB in San Diego? Not likely. They need LT in order to run the ball effectively.
9. Bengals
2-1 Are the Bengals for real? They beat the Steelers and the Packers that has to count for something.
10. Steelers 1-2 Steelers D is nothing without the long hair of Troy Polamalu. Can the Bengals beat out the Steelers to make the Playoffs?
11. Packers 2-1 Rodgers has been waiting for Favre-ageddon since the trade to the Jets. Are Packers fans rooting for Rodgers or Favre?
12. Eagles 2-1 Three way QB controversy? I don't think so. It is good to see the Eagles can win without McNabb though.
13. Bears 2-1 Cutler is starting to look good, but they need to get Forte rolling. Easy win over the Lions this week.
14. Falcons 2-1 Winning on the road in New England is a hard thing to do. I see this as a learning experience for Matt Ryan.
15. 49ers
With Frank Gore out I am not sure how the 49ers will perform. Great game vs Vikings, with Gore that may have been a Win.
16. Broncos 3-0 The Broncos haven't played anyone, and the win vs Cinci was a miracle. Their upcoming schedule is the true test.
17. Cowboys 2-1 I really don't think the Cowboys are very good, they will beat the Broncos and Chiefs, lose almost every game thereafter.
18. Cardinals 1-2 Northern Iowa alumni Kurt Warner looks old, maybe they need to not throw 50 passes a game and run the ball a little more.
19. Seahawks 1-2 Seneca has done decent as a fill in, but the Seahawks need Hasselback to win.
20. Titans 0-3 Are the Titans the best 0-3 team ever? They have been in every game, and they really miss Haynesworth.
21. Jaguars 1-2 They put a game together this past week but their receivers aren't performing right now. MoJo Drew can't carry the load all season
22. Texans 1-2 Another year another disappointing start for the Texans
23. Bills 1-2 Fred Jackson has filled in well for Lynch, he's the best thing they have going for themselves
24. Dolphins 1-2 Pennington is out for the season, the new era of Chad (Henne) has begun, I guess this was coming anyway.
25. Panthers 0-3 Maybe Delhomme should hand off to Williams who was averaging 6 yards a carry vs Dallas instead of passing the ball.
26. Lions
1-2 Lions get there first win in over a year, the auto industry has turned around, and the Tigers are going to the World Series!
27. Raiders 1-2 Completing 50% of passes is an accomplishment for JaMarcus Russell, good thing they cut Jeff Garcia and threw away their season.
28. Redskins 1-2 The Redskins lost to the Lions, so let the Fire Jim Zorn watch begin. I wonder who will be the next coach for the Redskins?
29. Chiefs 0-3 Can't stop the run, can't run, can't really do anything. I guess they're good at losings
30. Rams 0-3 Losing Laurent Robinson ensures they won't move out of the bottom 3 this year
31. Bucs
0-3 Josh Johnson is now the starting QB, which means the Florida Marlins have given up on this season. This also means that Freeman isn't ready yet, check back in about 3 weeks.
32. Browns 0-3 With the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select?. Sam Bradford.

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