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1. Ravens 2-0 Joe Flacco is coming into his own, McGahee looks like he's 25 again and Ray Lewis looks like he'll play until he's 149
2. Giants 2-0 Eli is showing he's worth every penny of his new contract. Smith and Manningham are emerging WRs.
3. Colts 2-0 Peyton "The Sheriff" Manning came into Miami and shot at some dolphins. Therefore, Peyton Manning is a Dolphin Killer.
4. Saints 2-0 The Rams of 1999 didn't have much of a defense but their offense carried them to a Super Bowl victory.
5. Vikings 2-0 Favre hasn't screwed things up yet, which is really surprising. Even more surprising he hasn't thrown an INT yet.
6. Steelers 1-1 If the Steelers can't figure out how to run the ball they won't be in the top 10 much longer
7. Falcons 2-0 They may have the balanced offense in the league even with Harry Douglas
8. Jets 2-0 The Jet's might actually be legit, they have been solid in their first two games. The Shonn Greene show is still to come.
9. Eagles 1-1 Kolb will probably be the starter again this week and since they are playing the Chiefs with a bye in week 4 I think that's the right decision.
10. Patriots 1-1 So are the Pats good this year? I am not really sure. Their Offensive and Defensive Lines are horrible. Remember, Peyton Manning wasn't very good the first few weeks last season either though
11. Chargers 1-1 Chargers kept it close with the Ravens, but they need to figure out what to do at running back because they aren't running.
12. Cardinals 1-1 The Cardinals did a great job coming to the East Coast and dominating the Jags. Warner looks like he is 32 again.
13. 49ers 2-0 Frank Gore is a beast, and he will carry this team on his back if he needs to. The 49ers real test is the Vikings this week.
14. Titans 0-2 The Titans have lost some close games, but I think they are still legit. They need to win this week to save their season.
15. Packers 1-1 Aaron Rodgers will carry this team this year, just not so much last week
16. Texans 1-1 The Texans look pretty good minus week 1 vs Jets crazy Defense. Hopefully Slaton can start to improve at RB.
17. Bengals 1-1 The Bengals are my dark horse for the year. As long as Palmer is throwing, this offense will keep going strong.
18. Bears 1-1 Cutler and the Bears rebounded well vs the Steelers and they should do well against the Seahawks.
19. Dolphins 0-2 The Fins had the ball for over 45 Minutes against the Colts, which is ridiculous. Fin's need to win this week.
20. Panthers 0-2 I think they're better than their 0-2 record but they haven't shown that so far
21. Cowboys 1-1 Tony Romo is maybe the 15th best QB in this league and that just doesn't cut it in big games.
22. Broncos 2-0 Broncos are not a good football team, they only beat the Browns. Kyle Orton is still the quarterback. Enough Said.
23. Seahawks 1-1 No Hasselbeck = No wins for the Seahawks. Wallace is a good fill in but they need Hasselbeck to compete regularly.
24. Bills 1-1 Fred Jackson might take over as starting running back when Lynch comes back. COE College alumni are misty eyed.
25. Raiders 1-1 I use the word atrocious too often but JaMarcus Russell is atrocious. Bruce Gradkowski should be starting in Oakland
26. Jaguars 0-2 Jags were one of those teams where people thought well maybe this is year, then people realized it was the Jags.
27. Redskins 1-1 The Terrible Redskins are the worst team with a win, they barely beat the Rams. Skins fans are in for a long season.
28. Bucs 0-2 The Bucs have a crazy hard schedule, and will probably struggle to win 2 games this year. Outlook not good.
29. Chiefs 0-2 They have a lot of young talent but they aren't good enough to win many games this year
30. Lions 0-2 The Lions are playing better than the Browns and the Rams, so I have to take them out of the 32 spot.
31. Rams 0-2 The Rams offense is horrible, but their defense kept them in the game against the terrible Redskins.
32. Browns 0-2 The Browns haven't scored an offensive touchdown that meant anything in 8 games. The #1 pick is theirs. Put it on the board

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