Tennessee at Pittsburgh

What a great way to start off the NFL season with two run it down your throats teams. The Steelers are out to defend their title from last year and the Titans are out to redeem themselves from last years postseason loss. The Steelers are mainly unchanged from last year whereas the Titans lost Albert Haynesworth (which I don't think is a huge deal, he only played 50% of snaps anyway). If Nate Washington plays this could possibly swing to a Titans victory but that isn't likely and I think the Steelers put up just enough points to win. Steelers 20-17

Miami at Atlanta

This should be a great battle between two teams who surprised everyone last year. The Falcons added one of the best TEs in NFL history this offseason in Tony Gonzalez and should have an improved offense. The Dolphins resigned Jason Taylor and should have an underrated defense. The Dolphins have a stud wildcat quarterback in Pat White on the team and I'm interested to see when they first bust him out but more importantly when and if Chad Henne becomes the starter. Expect the Falcons to control the ball and get the victory in a low scoring game. Falcons 17-13

Denver at Cincinnati

With Kyle Orton a question mark, no definite running back starter, and a disgruntled Brandon Marshall I don't see how the Broncos can win this game. Chris Henry and Cedric Benson will have big games against an awful Denver defense. Cincinnati 27-13

Minnesota at Cleveland

The Browns finally named a starting quarterback (Brady Quinn) but it doesn't matter, the Browns don't have a WR who wants to play with the team and basically have a rookie in at quarterback. The passing game is non-existent and therunning game won't be able to get going against a solid Vikings defense. I think AD and Shiancoe have big games this week while the Vikings win big. Vikings 31-13

Jacksonville at Indianapolis

The good news for the Jaguars is that Maurice Jones-Drew is likely to play Sunday, the bad news is the Colts look to have a potent offense once again. Expect MJD to have a good game and Garrard to play well also but the Colts offense will be too much, expect Joseph Addai to put up big numbers and prove he should still be the starter in Indianapolis. Colts 24-20

Detroit at New Orleans

The Lions goal this season has to be to get a win as early as possible. Starting Matthew Stafford does not give them the best chance to win a game early on. The Saints defense still isn't that good but I don't see much scoring for the Lions in this game. The Saints on the underhand look like they could put up 30 points every night, but with Pierre Thomas questionable for the game I think they'll settle for just under that. Saints 27-7

Dallas at Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay has announced a 40-40-20 running back by committee with Cadillac Williams, Derrick Ward and Earnest Graham. How do they expect anyone to get into a rhythm? The Cowboys aren't going to be too good this year but they'll definitely be better than the Bucs. Cowboys 20-17

Philadelphia at Carolina

This game is a big early season test for the Eagles and Andy Reid is one of the best in the NFL when he has 2 weeks to prepare for a team. No Michael Vick means no chance of a quarterback controversy and with Brian Westbrook healthy (so far) the Eagles will have a big game. I also expect DeAngelo Williams to have a big game and prove last season wasn't a fluke. The Eagle will win a high scoring contest. Eagles 34-28

LOCK OF THE WEEK - Kansas City at Baltimore

The Chiefs will be much improved from 2008 but so will the Ravens. Joe Flacco looks ready to break out in his 2nd year as a starter and I think the Ravens have one of the best running games in the league. Thigpen is a good backup in case Cassel can't go but I think he'll struggle against the still vaunted Ravens' defense. Ravens 24-13

NY Jets at Houston

Mark Sanchez will be the starting QB for the Jets this year and I think that spells doom for the Jets, especially this week with Mario Williams rushing from the outside. This is the 2nd year the Texans have been a trendy Super Bowl sleeper pick and they will start this season off right with a big win against the Jets. Expect Andre Johnson and Steve Slaton to have big games, regardless of who their quarterback is. Texans 27-17

Washington at NY Giants

I can't see the Giants doing anything other than running the ball 40+ times this game and I think the solid defensive front with Albert Haynesworth and London Baker-Fletcher will keep those 40 carries under 120 yards, if Santana Moss can have a big game (who knows when those happen) I can see a Redskins upset, but I don't think he'll have one this week. The Giants will control the ball and get the victory this week. Giants 20-17

San Francisco at Arizona

Michael Crabtree, stop being a baby and come to camp. With that being said I think the 49ers will struggle this year with our without him. The Cardinals have an improved run game and a very underrated defense. Expect Kurt Warner to continue to put up monster numbers this year as long as he's healthy. Cardinals 31-20

St. Louis at Seattle

As a huge Steven Jackson fan there is nothing I would love to see more than the Rams get a victory to start of the season, but I think a healthy Seahawks team is one of the top 6 in the NFC. If Marc Bulger were healthy I could potentially see a different result but I don't see how the Rams offense stays on the field long enough to put up some points with Kyle Boller or an injured Marc Bulger at quarterback. Seahawks 24-14

Chicago at Green Bay

Other than the Thursday night game this is the game of the week. It seems to trendy this year to pick the Bears, Packers and Vikings to all make the playoffs so each division game is going to be extra important, especially at home. Expect Jay Cutler to struggle this year without Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal. The will have to run the ball a lot more than they think because they don't have a passing game outside of Forte and Gerg Olsen. Expect Aaron Rodgers to put up some numbers in this game in the national spotlight. Packers 34-20

Buffalo at New England

You can't ask for much more than 2 monday night games. In the first game the Terrell Owens Bills will take on the vaunted Patriots. I don't see any scenario in which the Bills can win this game. No Marshawn Lynch, an injured Fred Jackson (who should play) and an injured Terrell Owens. Not to mention they just fired their offensive coordinator last week who said they were running a 'pop warner offense'. Tom Brady has something to prove to everyone this season and he will make a run at 40 TDs . Patriots 37-17

UPSET SPECIAL - San Diego at Oakland

I may be committed shortly after posting this article but I think the Raiders could have a decent team this year, their running game will be solid and with Nnamdi Asomugha on defense you can count on nothing being given up on his side of the field. The Chargers have the Shawn Merriman scandal hanging over their heads (I believe he'll be exonerated on all charges) but it is still a distraction. Expect a close game and the Raiders pulling it out in my upset special. Raiders 24-23

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