The University of Oregon has suspended star running back LeGarrette Blount for the rest of the season after throwing a sucker punch at Boise State linebacker Byron Hout.

Boise State beat Oregon 19-8 last night, after the game Hout was shown taunting LeGarrette. Coaches came in to separate the two players and as it appeared Blount was walking away Hout grabbed his side and Blount knocked him to the ground. I don't condone Blount's behavior but Hout should be reprimanded for his actions which are just as despicable.

"Under no circumstance is fighting acceptable," the NCAA said in a statement Friday. "If it occurs before or during a game, the officials enforce the rules. If it occurs after a game, institutions and conferences decide how to address the situation. We trust our members to handle these situations appropriately. Sportsmanship is everyone's responsibility, including student-athletes, coaches, officials, institutions and fans.

The punishment likely wouldn't have been as severe had Blount not already been suspended once this offseason for 'failure to fulfill team obligations'. The young man likely cost himself a lot of money in the offseason and even more with this incident. The situation reminds me a little of Maurice Clarett and I think we all know how horribly that situation ended.

Video of LeGarrette Blounts post game press conference