Crazy Ending for the Iowa Hawkeyes, Two Blocked field goals within 10 seconds. Give the University of Northern Iowa credit they are a solid team and they will make the Playoffs. I am torn since I am a fan of both programs, but this is exactly what both teams needed for success, although I would have liked to see Iowa win by more. I was hoping that UNI would keep it close, so they get some momentum going, and that the Hawkeyes get the win so they don't blow their season. Hopefully Iowa can figure it out so they don't screwup vs Iowa State next week.

My Excuses for Iowa

Iowa lost their starting running back, Jewel Hampton, earlier this week. They didn't really know who would rise to the top. But Paki O'Meara wasn't the answer, 9 rushes for 16 yards isn't going to cut it, he has some more work to do. Adam Robinson did a good job coming in and taking over for now. I still would like to see how the Freshman RB's Jeff Brinson and Brandon Wegher will do. I'm not too worried, someone will come out on top.

The starting offensive line was not playing against UNI. Kyle Calloway was serving a one-game suspension for operating a vehicle while intoxicated (drunk on a Moped, (barely 1.06) but he wasn't on the road he was driving through a barricaded area), and the Julian Vandervelde is still recovering from offseason surgery. When Iowa gets the starting Line in tact it will boost the Running game. I think next game they will get things together and find a good rhythm.

Iowa probably overlooked UNI, they have a tough schedule and it would be easy to overlook a FCS team. But UNI isn't a pushover, and is a very successful team that cantorment BCS teams (Iowa State).

First game Jitters?

Alright so I am a little worried about Iowa, but I think once the line is in tact, and the running game is established Iowa will be fine. Iowa State should be a good enough Guinea Pig to figure out all the kinks.