This is a new section we are going to have where we debate some of the position battles in training camp. Let us know if you have a specific battle you want to cover.

Sage Rosenfels vs Tarvaris Jackson

Sage Rosenfels - Ryan

I think Sage Rosenfels would be a great fit in the Vikings system. He did pretty good last year as a fill in for the Texans, he just had a few ball management issues. The games that he played in last year were close, and 3/4 of the losses were by a touchdown or less. With a solid Vikings' defense behind him, he has the chance to really put the Vikings in a good position to win some games. Childress used a 4th round draft pick to acquire Rosenfels, and he wouldn't waste a 4th rounder on nothing, right? He is a fresh start for a new season with the Vikings. Childress obviously doesn't believe in Jackson so Sage was brough in to mix it up. Childress says he brought in Sage to bring "competition" to the Quarterback position, but we all know deep down in his heart, he wants him to start. He is a gamer and he'll do anything to win including sacrificing his body. (See Helicopter Hit)

Tarvaris Jackson - Matt

Unlike Sage Rosenfels, Tarvaris Jackson is already a great fit in the Vikings system. Brad Childress just needs to learn to call plays and the offense will be fine. If the defense knows you're going to run, you won't get any yards. If they know you're going to pass, you won't be able to pass, but somehow Brad Childress doesn't understand that yet. If Childress can trust Tarvaris Jackson and call good plays like he did in the final two regular season games last season Jackson will be a more than satisfactory starting QB for the Vikings. What most people don't realize is Jackson is 18-14 as a starter in the NFL. Can anyone guess what Peyton Mannings record was over his first 32 games? 13-19. Now I'm not saying Tarvaris Jackson is Peyton Manning, not even close, but it takes time for QBs to develop. I think it's obvious Sage Rosenfels is not going to be a franchise quarterback, the verdict on Jackson isn't quite out yet.


Tarvaris Jackson has by far been the better quarterback, and should win the job if he can stay healthy. He knows the system, has better physical skills, and mental skills (See Helicopter Hit) than Rosenfels. Rosenfels is a good backup to have in case Jackson gets hurt, but I wouldn't want him as the full time starter in Minnesota.