Brady Quinn vs Derek Anderson

Brady Quinn - Matt

Why not? Derek Anderson guided Cleveland to a 3-7 record last season while barely completing 50% of his passes. It seems fairly obvious that the Browns will not compete this season especially with an aging Jamal Lewis at RB and no good WRs that want to be on the team. If the Browns are going to struggle this season they might as well do it with a guy who can make your lips tremble. Right, Mike Golic?

Derek Anderson - Ryan

Anderson lead the Browns to 10 wins in the 2007 - 2008 season. Does any one remember that? Does anyone give Anderson any credit? He threw for 29 TDs. What happened last year? Not really sure, but think about 2007, o0000h those were the days? Brady Quinn hasn't done anything to prove he deserves the starting job. He only has two career TDs. Plus he broke a his finger last year, so that pretty much shows that he is weak. Favre would have played through it. Quinn had 1 good game last year, and it was against Denver, they have a terrible Defense, plus he lost anyway. Anderson had 10 good games 2 years ago, because he won them. He is a winner (In 2007).


The Browns should pick Brady Quinn as their starting QB. Anderson did horrible last year, and two years ago doesn't really count. The Browns need a change and they need someone to be the face of their program. Brady showed some promise last year in the 1 and a half games he wasn't injured. He needs a shot at a full season, and he should get it.