The Denver Post is reporting that the Broncos would be willing to trade wide receiver Brandon Marshall if a team offered them a first and a fourth-round pick. Marshall is coming off hip surgery, and he may not be 100%. Who would trade for a troubled receiver who may not be 100 percent? I would. He is a top 5 WR when healthy, if he isn't 100% this year he will be next year. Here are the teams that should trade for him, that make the most sense:

Jets - Sanchez needs to throw more than 5 yards per pass, and Marshall can get open. He has no #1 receiver to throw to.
- Having Brandon Marshall and Torry Holt would make the Jags a contender, now.
- The titans don't have a #1 WR, they need someone to help keep the defenses honest.
- 49ers need another WR, and obviously their first round pick this year isn't working out so hot. Marshall + Crabtree combo, could be pretty lethal down the road, even with Shaun Hill as QB.
Ravens - Flacco has Mason, but he is more of a possession than a breakout WR anymore. Marshall would give them the deep threat, and make the Ravens a huge contender to win the Super Bowl.
Patriots - Moss, Welker and Marshall would make the Patriots unstoppable, and they would go undefeated, forever, literally win every game they played in. The Patriots hate 1st round picks anyway.
Giants - No #1 WR, but do they want another Plaxico?
Bears - Cutler needs a WR, but they don't have any draft picks to trade to Denver.

What team wouldn't want to do this? They would get a proven #1 receiver that can make an impact immediately. A first rounder has a change to be a bust, and is unproven. A 4th rounder could go either way, but might not even play for three years. Plus the 4th rounder might not even make the team.

After viewing what he did on the practice field yesterday he is an idiot and a crybaby. But an idiot that can play football. Denver is either going to suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team, or they could trade him and get something for him. They might have to lower their standards a little just to get him out. The best fit overall is the Ravens. Ray Lewis would just murder him if he was acting like that.

Trade for me...
Trade for me...