Crabtree's adviser has stated that Micheal Crabtree may choose to re-enter the draft because of contract disputes with the San Francisco 49ers. This is by far one of the most idiotic things that Crabtree could do. The more days that he misses training camp, the more he will not be a factor this year. If he signs a contract today, going by who has signed below him and above him he would roughly get a 5 year 30-35 Million dollar contract. I mean 30 Million Dollars, I think he can survive. What can you not afford with a 30 million dollar contract?! He is trying to get top 5 money, which makes Zero sense. He was the number 10 pick. Just because he was projected to be in the top 5, doesn't mean that he should make top 5 money. Obviously he was not in the top 5, he wasn't even the top WR taken. You were the tenth pick. You should be paid as the tenth pick. Is anyone else just freaking pissed off at this? He hasn't proven a single thing in the NFL. He doesn't even deserve to make 30 Million dollars. The 1st round should be slotted a lot lower than what it is at now. But that is another article.

Here is the perfect scenario. He goes to re-enter the draft next year, and he is projected as a top 5 pick. He is pumped, he thinks he is going to get paid. But when he goes to re-enter the draft next year, they implement a rookie cap, and a rookie slotting system, and he only makes like 3 million year. Either that or just fall off the draft board, turn into a 2nd rounder. Either way I hope he just screws himself over for being a selfish bastard.

Cry About It Crabtree