It looks as though Brandon Marshall's apology was too little too late, the team announced via email moments ago that he has been suspended for conduct detrimental to the team.

According to ESPNs Adam Schefter, Marshall will only be suspended for the rest of the preseason. If he shows better judgement during that time he could then return for the regular season opener.

Marshall was interviewed by ESPN's Trey Wingo Thursday night and Marshall said he was not trying to force a trade through his insubordination. He said he was frustrated with the situation and he lost it during practice. On Thursday we posted a link to thevideo of Marshall dogging it at practice and that's putting it lightly. Acting like a complete idiot would be more accurate.

"We tried to handle this situation with Brandon as privately and professionally as we could throughout the entire process with him and his agent, Kennard McGuire," McDaniels said at a news conference earlier today. "This morning, we made the decision as an organization to go ahead and suspend Brandon. We'll look forward to having him back on Sept. 6th as we begin our preparations for Cincinnati."

It's good to see McDaniels doing his best to prevent the Broncos from turning into the Raiders or the Bengals and taking care of this situation. The last thing the first year coach needs is more distractions. It would be nice if someone who is more famous than Marshall could talk some sense into him like Denzel Washington did with Chad OchoCinco.

What did Brandon Marshall think his insubordination would do for his trade value? Maybe he thought he could drive his value low enough the Bears would be able to afford him and he could be reunited with Jay Cutler. If Marshall can be a model citizen the rest of the preseason there is no reason to think the Broncos will suspend him for any regular season games, but given his history that might be a lot to ask .