The first number listed in the ranking of that player in their position, the 2nd number is the overall ranking I gave them in thispost


1 11 Drew Brees, NO - The Saints defense is improved from last year but they will still need to put up points, they also have a fairly easy schedule this year since they were last in the division in 2008.
2 12 Tom Brady, NE - Doesn't look like he's missed a beat from the 2007 season, the addition of a real running back should cut back on his passes in the red zone.
3 15 Aaron Rodgers, GB - It wasn't Rodgers who lost the Packers games last season, it was the defense. The defense hasn't changed much so his numbers should be much of the same.
4 19 Peyton Manning, Ind - Still one of the best in the game.
5 36 Philip Rivers, SD - With a healthy Antonio Gates and Chris Chambers he should throw for more TDs than 2008.
6 44 Kurt Warner, Ari - He won't repeat his numbers from last season but he'll put up 4,000 yards and 24 TDs
7 50 Donovan McNabb, Phi - Offense has the chance to be one of the best in the NFL. The addition of a burner in Maclin and another backfield receiver in McCoy should improve his numbers from last season.
8 51 Matt Ryan, Atl - Michael Turner won't see 370 carries again this season, expect the Falcons to throw it more this year
9 52 Tony Romo, Dal - I don't like any of their WRs so he falls to #9 but Jason Witten is a top 5 TE and few backs catch the ball better out of the backfield than Marion Barber
10 63 Matt Schaub, Hou - If healthy he could be a top 5 QB if not he's not even in the top 20, here's to hoping he stays healthy this season. At least there won't be anymore of the Sage Rosenfelshelicopter plays this season
11 69 Carson Palmer, Cin - See above
12 70 Jay Cutler, Chi - Goodbye Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal. Hello Rashied Davis!
13 79 Matt Hasselbeck, Sea - Up until last year Hasselbeck was one of the few quarterbacks you could rely on from year to year, he should be healthy this season but the lack of a running game hurts him.
14 80 Ben Roethlisberger, Pit - He's a much better real life quarterback than fantasy quarterback, but he'll be a viable bye week fill in
15 87 Eli Manning, NYG - Very young wide receiver core and great backfield hurts his fantasy numbers
16 105 Matt Cassel, KC - Don't expect a repeat of 2008
17 107 Kyle Orton, Den - He was a viable fantasy option in 2008 but injuries slowed him in the 2nd half. The improved receivers will help but he's still just a bye week fill in.
18 115 David Garrard, Jac - He was everyones break out player last year, but he didn't, they have Torry Holt but no one else at WR to catch the ball.
19 126 Trent Edwards, Buf - He has a good set of options in the passing game but his decision making skills are still bad and with their tough schedule he will probably throw a lot of interceptions this year
20 128 Joe Flacco, Bal - Flacco will most likely have the same stats he had in 2008, those worthy of a low QB2
21 130 Jeff Garcia, Oak - He's currently the backup, but if the Raiders want to win games this year they'll start Garcia
22 132 Chad Pennington, Mia - Pennington managed the game brilliantly for the Dolphins last season but you don't get points in fantasy for game management or team wins.
23 134 Mark Sanchez, NYJ - Looks like he'll win the starting job in New York, but there are few rookies who have ever been good fantasy options.
24 135 Jake Delhomme, Car - Has a tendency to disappear in games but may make a decent bye week fill in for you.
25 148 Jason Campbell, Was - Just like Trent Edwards, he doesn't always make great decisions
26 159 Michael Vick, Phi - The odds are he won't start at all this season, but McNabb has been known to have injury issues. He's a great value pick in the 15th or 16th round
27 167 Shaun Hill, SF - He's currently being undrafted in most leagues, but if he wins the starting job for the 49ers he'll make a good bye week fill in.