No one is reporting why Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson broke up, but Colin Cowherd of the Thundering Herd radio show has his own theory, which I believe to be very accurate.

They've been dating for 2 1/2 years and everyone knows what happens when you approach your 3rd anniversary, commitment. According to Colin the steps in a relationship tend to go like so:

The 1st Anniversary - "The Sexy Anniversary" You take her on a trip to Mexico give her lingerie, anything that makes her look beautiful.

The2nd Anniversary - "The I love you Anniversary" It's the I love you, it's not just about making out anniversary.

The 3rd anniversary - commitment.

The problem comes with the 3rd anniversary. You've done the sexy anniversary, you've done the I love you anniversary, and now all that is left is commitment. The girls don't fall for the sex stuff anymore, they know you love them, and now they want a commitment.

Anniversary #3 broke up Tony and Jessica folks.

You can download this segment from the ESPN Radio PodCenter page