Darnell Dockett has tweeted asking the comissioner to add a new NFL franchise in LA, Georgia or Vegas, saying that would be a good look.

From @ddockett
"DEAR, COMMISIONERWould u please consider a new NFL franchise maybe, in L.AAnother in GA Or maybe Vegas. That would be a good look. Thanks"

Does the NFL need another franchise? I think a franchise in LA or Las Vegas would be good for the NFL, but I don't know if a new franchise should be created or if one should be moved. The Vikings have long been rumored to be moving to Los Angeles or Las Vegas, but I think that would be bad for Minnesota economical since they only have one other relevant sports franchise, the Twins. The Timberwolves haven't been relevant for years and with Ricky Rubio potentially staying in Europe for a few more years I don't see that changing any time soon.

The Chargers and Raiders have also been rumored to be considering Las Vegas. The Oakland Coliseum is old and outdated and there have been no plans to replace it, the Chargers have also been considering relocation of the Powder Blues for the past few years.