We didn't do so hot with our Conference finals predictions but we were correct in predicting LeBron would average 33-9-9 if forced to play a lot of minutes. And who would have guessed LeBron would be the only Cavalier to show up in the series? Without further ado, our NBA Finals prediction.

3 Orlando Magic vs 1 Los Angeles Lakers

We haven't given Orlando much respect all playoffs so why start now, right?! Honestly though, two things need to happen for Orlando to win this series. First Dwight Howard needs to play like he did against the Cavaliers and I think he will because Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are too unphysical to guard him. Second Orlando needs to keep shooting lights out from 3. I think that will continue as well because Howard is going to be dominant inside. I believe this is going to be a great series and the 2-3-2 format will favor Orlando. I also think Rashard Lewis continue his rise to superstar-dom and shoots lights out this series. Kobe will remain titleless without Shaquille and Orlando shows it will be a force in the coming years.Orlando wins in 7.

UPDATE: Jameer Nelson may play in this series, but I think if anything he has anegative effect on team chemistry. My prediction stays the same though.