Could Stephen Strasburg go straight to the majors this season for the Washington Nationals? The Nationals have not yet selected Strasburg but the pick is an obvious as if Johan Santana were available in the draft.

Strasburg is 11-0 with a 1.24 ERA in 87 1/3 innings pitches. He has a 10-1 K/BB ratio with 164 Ks vs 17 walks. That's a 16.9 K/9 ratio. He has also allowed only 48 hits, equating to a .74 WHIP. This kid is absolutely unbelievable and will be worth every penny he signs for.

The record for a rookie contract is 10.5 million given to Mark Prior after the 2001 MBL Draft. There are reports that Scott Boras may ask for 6 years and $50 million for Strasburg, but it is believed that Strasburg will sign for around $20 million.

In Strasburg's final home start for San Diego State University he threw a no hitters and struck out 17 Air Force batters.