It turns out that the only one hoping for an expansion in the Big Ten was Joe Paterno and myself. Paterno was quoted as saying by the Columbus Dispatch."We go into hiding for six weeks, Everybody else is playing playoffs on television. You never see a Big Ten team mentioned. So I think that's a handicap."Delany shot down the idea, saying there is no plans to expand (ESPN).

But really if you look at just the idea, expanding makes perfect sense. Look at the the facts:

-There are 11 teams in the Big Ten, add 1 and we get 12. We would be able to compete on the levels of the SEC and the Big 12. We would be able to have a championship game and have a definitive answer to who the Big Ten Champion is. Ties just piss me off, and everyone wants to crown one champion not a co-Champion. How often are there two winners of the NFC Championships in the NFL? Never.

-Adding another team will make us one step closer to a playoff. It is kind of a mini playoff of its own. There should still be a playoff or a plus one, but thats a whole otherdiscussionon a future post.

-Notre Dame

-It would structure the season better. You will make you have a better chance of competing for a better bowl if you win the championship.

-Add one championship game, subtract one crappy non conference game. No one likes early season blowouts.

Here is a list of some teams that make sense to join the Big Ten

-Notre Dame
-Miami (OH)

Anyway, shouldn't Paterno be like the Godfather of the Big 10, we should listen to him and just carryout whatever he says. He may be old, but he does know what is best for the league, just carry out his wishes.