Who exactly is the St. Louis Cardinals closer?

In 2008 the Cardinals had 3 guys get 7 saves or more, Ryan Franklin had 17 saves, Jason Isringhausen 12, Chris Perez 7 and 6 other players had one save showing that not only could Tony La Russa not settle on one closer they were are average at best. This year Jason Motte was declared the closer but after his debacle on opening day questions arose. Would Ryan Franklin take over the closer role? Today the Cardinals had a 2-1 lead and called on Franklin to pitch the 8th. Franklin pitched great, recording 11 strikes in his 15 pitches with one strikeout setting up perfectly for Jason Motte but in comes Dennys Reyes to pitch the 9th? Who? Dennys Reyes? A guy with 2 career saves in 12 big league seasons vultures the save from Jason Motte. Does this mean Jason Motte is done as the closer? I really have no idea but if you are in a deep league Reyes is definitely worth a pick up if Franklin and Motte are already owned. If all three are available I think you should pick up Franklin then Motte then Reyes.

Can anyone shed any light on this Denver Bronco-esque Closer by Comittee?