After the beatdown the Louisville Cardinals received today by the Michigan State Spartans I think Rick Pitino should strongly consider the Kentucky job. I think first and foremost Kentucky will offer him so much money he won't be able to turn it down, no matter how much he loves coaching in Louisville. Pitino has been a successful coach everywhere he has coached and Kentucky shouldn't be any different. The tide has turned and the SEC is no longer the college basketball power house it once was, the best conference is now the Big East. Pitino would be the best coach in the SEC whereas there are quite a few good/great coaches in the Big East (Calhoun, Boeheim, Wright, Dixon)

If Pitino goes to Kenutcky he will be met with extremely high standards, higher than any he has previously experienced. The difference between Gillespie and Pitino though is no one has anything bad to say about Pitino, if he struggles in his first two seasons he won't have the negativity surrounding him that got Coach Gillespie kicked out of Lexington.

Has Pitino accomplished all he can at Louisville? Should he avoid becoming Kentucky University's coach at all costs? Post your thoughts in the comments section.