2011-2012 NCAA Conference by Conference bowl records

Conference by Conference breakdown of the 2011-2012 bowl games:

Results through games on 1/10/2012


  • Winners are in BOLD
  • Teams who haven’t played are in Italics
Conference Schools Record Win %
C-USA (5) Houston, Marshall, SMU, SoMiss, Tulsa 4-1 .800
MAC (5) NIU, Ohio, Temple, Toledo, WMich 4-1 .800
Big 12 (8) Baylor, ISU, KState, Mizzou, OU, OklSt, TA&M, Texas 6-2 .750
SEC (9) Ala, Ark, Aub, Fla, Geor, LSU, MissSt, SCar, Vandy 6-3 .667
Big East (5) Cincy, Lou, Pitt, Rutgers, WVU 3-2 .600
Ind. (2) BYU, ND 1-1 .500
Big Ten(10) Ill, Iowa, Mich, MSU, Neb, N’Wstrn, OSU, PSU, Pur, Wis 4-6 .400
MWC (5) AF, Boise, SDSU, TCU, Wym 2-3 .400
Sun Belt (3) ArkSt, FIU, La.-Laf. 1-2 .333
Pac-12 (7) ASU, Cal, Ore, Stan, UCLA, Utah, Wash 2-5 .286
ACC (8) Clem, FSU, GT, NC, NCS, Vir, VT, WF 2-6 .250
WAC (3) LaTech, Nev, UtahSt 0-3 .000

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  • And the SEC rolls again. Tonight is the only matchup with Big 12 and SEC. We’ll see. Next year A&M will replace Vanderbilt in a bowl giving the SEC another victory. This year, SEC 6-3 and Big 12, 6-2. SEC knocked out one of its own for the champoinship. Wish they would have played OSU.

    • all i can say the bec realy blew it this year the fans should of seen the best offences angist the best deffencesto get a real judge of the spread offence aginst sec defences ous or standford sould of played lsu and the other played al we only got to see 1 match up of the 2 best conferences and it was the wrong way sec best offence anginse the power running of ksu and any one who saw the long layover hurt ksu
      and what the deal on the main day of 3 match up of the sec angist the worst conference the big 10
      when the bowl commities pick teamsthey should of did a better job of matching non bcs teams anginst the bcs conferences teams to see if there is realy the big differences between teams like bosie tcu huston smu and the bcs conferences

  • The SEC is clearly a two team show. What other conference aside from the Big 12 field an entire league from one state. The best competition is in Texas. We let every conference in this great nation borrow 5 star recruits and still field at least 5 top 25 teams without question, When you look at your precious SEC always remember that. We field across the board talent like the PGA Tour. When I look at all of these “impressive” teams, I look at the local talent and the willingness to stay and represent home. Not much… unless your from Texas. They all can’t play for UT, A&M, TCU

    • Big Hurt, looks like you should have waited to post until after the Arkansas – K State game.

    • Didn’t K-State OWN tejas this year? I believe they beat every sorry little 12 team in the state. So an also ran from the SEC easily took out the team that owned every school in texass. You boys always crack me up, the rest of the country just laughs at texans’ opinions of themselves.

    • At least in Texas we have enough balls to not post anonymously.

  • Big Hurt, more like Butt Hurt. Anyway, SEC went 47 – 8 non-conference (0.855). Best competition is in Texas and it isn’t much. UT will shit their bed plenty next season. A&M will replace Ole Miss as the SEC whipping boy.

    • James and all the SEC homers,

      The SEC played 6 non-conference games against non horrific teams and saying Penn State is good is stretching it. They beat Oregon, West Virginia and Penn State and lost to Boise State, Florida State and BYU. The SEC feasted on FCS teams and perenial bottom 50 teams in FBS.

      The Big 12 conversely played
      Stanford (bowl game), Miami (FL), TCU, Washington, Florida State, BYU, UCONN and Nevada and won ALL those games. Not all of those teams are good, but they’re as good if not better than all the teams the SEC Went 3-3 against.

      The sad thing is the BCS promotes mediocrity. Beat up on terrible teams and you get rewarded, that’s why there are two SEC teams in the title game this year.

    • Matt B, are you seriously trying to say that LSU was beating up on terrible teams when they beat EIGHT ranked teams, including three who were ranked in the top 3?

    • Cal, this year they had play real teams, but look at next year. North Texas(5-7), Idaho(2-10), Washington(7-6,), Towson(FCS 9-7).

  • What is it with you Texas folks. The state of Texas is going to have more recruits purely based on population. You have Louisiana and Alabama with 3 teams playing and a combined population that does not come close to Texas. Find another analogy

  • Over 49% of the 119 On the Alabama roster come from Alabama. Then we get players from GA, MS, FL, TN, and about 4% from TX

  • Knew it wouldn’t take long for someone from Texas trying to take credit for someone else’s achievements. If you look at talent, look across the Southeast (Florida) and California. Where do you think Oregon gots all of its talent. But, at the end of the day we kicked the Duck’s butt this year as well as A&M last year. Pitiful KSU lost to Arkansas last night. How many BCS Championships reside in the SEC and how many in the soon to be Little 12? Enough said.

  • It’s kind of too bad that Alabama got put in the national championship game. If that hadn’t happened, the SEC would be able to have a 7-2 bowl record this season. Of course, that would’ve happened if Georgia’s coach weren’t an idiot too.

  • Isn’t there a name for this conference record competition? Like the Conference Cup or something like that?

  • A top-heavy conference doesn’t make the whole conference good…

  • Way to go, Mid American Conf. (4-1)! I love it when the little guys get sum pub.!

  • It’s amazing that FBS-level opponent Georgia Southern scored 21 points and rushed for over 300 yards against Alabama–or one-third of the TD’s that Alabama gave up all year– in a 45-21 loss; #1 LSU, on the other hand, couldn’t muster a point or many yards, for that matter, against The Tide.

  • Final results are up, I am still debating on the winner.

  • The Big Ten is terrible, and the MAC is on the rise, as it has been for two decades. Tell me again how the BCS makes sense?


  • If LSU and Bama would of played different teams the sec could of gone 7-2, 5-4, or 6-3 but we wont know cuz the BCS is stupid, playing the same teams agian for the championship game? LSU should of played OSU for the championship, but something better then that, a playoff system, then we could know who the real champion is.

    • Dustin, are you for real? Why should OSU have played LSU? The two best teams played, period. The very fact that Alabama won proves that a LSU vs. OSU matchup would have been wrong. The BCS is about getting the best two teams in the nation to play for the championship. It’s not about finding interconference matchups or giving someone else a chance at looking good, etc.

    • I second the playoff system. But I have to say, two teams that are in the same conference playing for the National championship is just stupid.

  • Looks like all the teams from the great state of TEXAS won! Go coogs!

  • The BCS definitely has flaws, but it preserves the very best thing about college football- every game counts: just ask Iowa State and OSU. The only way to keep it this way is to modify the current BCS system with a elite playoff system. 4 BCS games-> 2 semifinal games between winners-> 1 national championship. Traditional bowls remain in place, plus we get 2 extras. All teams still have to play all games wide open in order to qualify, then the SEC can bring it home after a few more victims.

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  • Interestingly, Arizona is, according to this article, no longer in the PAC-12. This is quite a surprise, having gone to many games there. Meanwhile the SEC, which it’s adoring fans in the media regard as better than the NFL, went 6-3, including a win by Big 12 transfer Texas A & M. But no matter. Once the 4-team playoff starts, there will be 2, even three, SEC teams in it. Why? ESPN money, of course. With hundred million dollar athletics budgets, these schools pay their coaches almost as much as many schools’ entire Athletic Department budgets. Like the Yankees, these rich and powerful football factories know they’d BETTER win. I would think 6-3 would be a disgrace for the almighty SEC.

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