2010-11 NCAA College Football Conference Bowl Records

These are the 2010-11 bowl records. 2011-12 Bowl records are here

This is current through the January 3rd bowl game

Winners are in Bold Teams who haven’t played are in italics

Conference Schools Rec Win%
ACC (9) Georgia Tech, North Carolina St, Maryland, North Carolina, Clemson, Miami (FL), Florida State, Virginia Tech, Boston College 4-5 .444
Big East (6) Louisville, West Virginia, Syracuse, South Florida, UCONN, Pittsburgh 4-2 .667
Big Ten (8) Iowa, Illinois, Northwestern, Michigan St, Penn St, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio State 3-5 .375
Big 12 (8) Missouri, Baylor, Oklahoma St, Kansas St, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Texas A&M 3-5 .375
C-USA (6) UTEP, Southern Miss, Tulsa, East Carolina, SMU, UCF 2-4 .333
Independent(3) Navy, Army, Notre Dame 2-1 .667
MAC (4) N Illinois, Ohio, Toledo, Miami (OH) 2-2 .500
MWC (5) BYU, Utah, San Diego State, Air Force, TCU 4-1 .800
Pac-10 (4) Arizona, Washington, Stanford, Oregon 2-2 .500
SEC (10) Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Miss. St, Florida, Arkansas, LSU, Kentucky, Auburn 5-5 .500
Sun Belt (3) Troy, Fla Intl, Mid Tennessee 2-1 .667
WAC (4) Fresno St, Boise St, Hawaii, Nevada 2-2 .500

25 thoughts on “2010-11 NCAA College Football Conference Bowl Records”

  1. The SEC & Big 12 are 1-7. The Big East is 3-1. It’s a conspiracy by Northeast Liberals! All those “home” games for the SEC…. and they are 0-3?

  2. Ah, the 7th place SEC finisher lost to the CUSA champ by 4, The tie for fourth place SEC finisher loses to the ACC runner up, The team tied for 7th place in the SEC loses to the team tied for 4th in the ACC. Meanwhile the tie for 4th place SEC team destroys the big 10 co-champ, and the two teams tied for 5th in the SEC Beat the co-champ of the big 10 and the fourth place big ten finisher. Let’s get serious, the Big East?? That horrible conference that screws up the BCS with an undeserved BCS bid?? Who were their opponents?

    1. j:
      Michigan State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin were all 7-1 in the B1G-Ten. That would make all three co-champions. That is what Anonymous was writing about. There are there (3) co-champs no the two (2) you referred to.

  3. Since FSU beat Florida and Carolina does that make them SEC East Champs? The SEC is just a little top heavy this year, the AL vs. MSU game was a joke and anyone who has actually watched football this year knew they were going to get blown out. I can’t wait to see Arkansas beat down OSU with or without the tattoo five.

  4. Is there a reason all the loses ad up to 29 while the wins only add up to 27? Shouldn’t there be the same amount of wins as loses? After all each game has 1 winner and 1 loser.

    1. Looks like he’s got Texas Tech listed as losing, when they beat Northwestern. If Texas Tech moves to the W column, it’s 28-28.

  5. Okay…. Big East…. the worst Conference goes 4-2 and the mighty SEC is still only 4-5. If you add TCU, the Big East is 5-2!

    OMG! The world turned upside down! If Auburn gets beat by Oregon, the SEC could end up only 4-6.

    1. Jay, thanks for the revealing the truth to the front runners, SEC more down than anyone. The Big East took some underserved criticism considering the final outcome of the bowl season. Mark my words by 2012 when TCU is in the conference there will probably be two or three teams in that conference in the TOP 25 for that year, a modest guess…..

  6. Wow…the only time an sec team has lost a bcs championship is…oh that’s right…THEY DON’T …That’s why we don’t have a playoff…the bcs would look like it does this year..sec vs sec…I guess next year we will see posts about how the sec lost the national championship …I will admit , if you put your best team against our weakest…it’s 50/50

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