Watch LeBron Dunk on 6 Year Old Kids

If you don’t hate LeBron James, here is your chance. LeBron James runs a summer camp for kids called the King’s Academy, he teaches the kids basketball. So here is a video of LeBron schooling the kids on the court. The action starts at about 1:30 seconds in and he dunks on a 6 year old about a minute later. Yes, you read that right, I am surprised the kid didn’t goto the ground and start crying. Well, he might have started crying, but Nike took the footage away, so we will never know.

So all of you LeBron haters out there… Keep on hating.  You aren’t supposed to try  to win when you are playing a 6 year old.  You are supposed to let them score, get their confidence up.  Let the games be competitive.  You aren’t supposed to school them and do a ally-oop to yourself and dunk over them. LeBron obviously hasn’t figured that one out. You don’t see dads dunking on their sons at the age of 6 in the driveway. Well at least mine didn’t.

It would be pretty cool if you were one of those kids playing with LeBron James, or an adult for that matter.  But look at the bright side, at least he wasn’t blocking the kids shots left and right.

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  • Sad, What a sad thing it is to blog about someone else, who cares about Lebron, he didn’t cause world hunger, he isn’t hitler, he didn’t rape anyone. In short get over it. If you knew anything about business world of sports then you would have room to speak. Anyone can start a blog and write about who is hated, but the fact that Cleveland had him for 7 years and placed everything on one mans shoulders is enough of a reason to leave. So your entire point of this story is to make someone you have never met and never will meet look even worse. you are what is wrong with this country. Sad.

    • People love these kinds of articles. You obviously clicked on it, read it, and cared enough to leave a comment. Your comment is exactly what is wrong with this country, you have some of the most horrific grammar I have ever read. Why do You capitalize Random words? If you want to criticize someone at least make sure you’re not an idiot yourself.

  • Too Bad he didn’t play that hard against the Celtics in Game 5

  • U ppl are idiots, He’s dunking FOR the kids. Not on them.
    Kids want to see hm do what he does for a living. Blind bigoted

  • the kids probably loved seeing lebron dunk. i dont see how that makes him a horrible person, wow u can tell this person is a hater

  • Actually I don’t hate LeBron, but I do like to use sarcasm in my writing. Helps get all of these hate comments going from people who don’t normally read. I love it.

  • Yea fix it up now!! Hater!!

  • im a lebron dont have any against him

  • U stupid git he is not doing it to make them it’s to inspire them excite them look at them when he does please note I am not a fan of Lebron which is why I watched it expected something interesting but that’s like starting a newspaper and claiming the local girlscouts were harassing people going door to door with cookies or someone dragged an old lady acrossed the street against her own will

  • like really i dont get why cleveland is mad he spent 7 yrs and really add four more cuz he was great in high school too soo cleveland needs to grow up and lebron isnt dunking on kids he just trying to excite the kids and put on a show and you saw him pass to the little girl like two times so really you guys are seriously haters

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