2010 USA Today Preseason Poll

The 2010 USA Today Preseason Poll for college football is out, with Alabama is topping the poll at #1 overall.  This is our first glimmer of light on the NCAA football rankings for 2010, besides the NCAA football video game.  So behold your 2010 USA Today Preseason Poll rankings:

1 Alabama
2 Ohio State
3 Florida
4 Texas
5 Boise State
6 Virginia Tech
8 Oklahoma
9 Nebraska
10 Iowa
11 Oregon
12 Wisconsin
13 Miami (Fla)
14 Penn State
15 Pittsburgh
16 LSU
17 Georgia Tech
18 North Carolina
19 Arkansas
20 Florida State
21 Georgia
22 Oregon State
23 Auburn
24 West Virginia (tie).
24 Utah (tie).

I would like to see my Iowa Hawkeyes a little higher in the polls, but top 10 is fine with me.  Although preseason polls mean almost nothing, it is always a good sign of things to come.  Football season is almost here.

[via USA Today]

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  • No way Iowa will be in top 10 at the end of the season…way overrated…i predict 8 wins

  • I dont see Iowa winning all the close games they did last year, but whateves…If the cyclones suck so bad, why does Iowa seem so scared to play them and want to cancel the series…Iowa was only 1 of 4 teams last year to go to a bowl game and only average less than 24 points a game on offense (not sure if that is the exact points total but i heard it on the radio this morning). the other 3 teams only had 7 wins (iowa st was one of them)….basically what they were sayin on the radio is that for the hawkeyes scoring so little of points last year it was amazing that they won so many games, and they said if there offense is that bad this year it will be hard to duplicate 11 wins

    Iowa is good, but I cant stand it when idiots come on the radio and claim that Iowa is a national title contender…it just wont ever happen…even if they did win the big 10 and go undefeated they wouldnt make the national title game if there were 2 other undefeated teams, and if they were in the title game ever they would get destroyed

  • Ok if they have a 9 game conference schedule they will play 5 home games and 4 road games, and then the next year 4 road games and 5 home games….

    so wouldn’t the logic be to schedule ISU at home the year they only have 4 conference home games (that would equal 7 home games total if you add 2 other terrible teams to the schedule)….and then play ISU on the road the year you have 5 home games in conference….problem solved

    the new big 12 will have 9 conference games also

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