Kevin Garnett Elbows Quentin Richardson

Kevin Garnett was ejected last night because he threw an elbow at Quentin Richardson and started a fight. Garnett was huddled around the injured Paul Pierce, when Richardson came up behind Garnett.  Something drew Garnett to shove Richardson out of the way, and then throw an elbow to Richardson’s head.

Garnett received two technical fouls and was ejected, and will probably be suspended for a couple of games.

Richardson on what happened:

“I was trying to get over there to take the ball out of bounds and he started to talk to me so I talked back. I don’t have any business talking to him. He was on the ground crying. I don’t know what was going on, two actresses over there, that’s what they are … They’re not those characters they portray. They’re not who they say they are. Garnett and Pierce, they’re good basketball players, and that’s about it … Sometimes [Pierce] falls like he’s about to be out for the season and then he gets right up … I don’t like them, and they know it.”

via [Sun-Sentinel]

Not sure who is to blame, but I assume Garnett was just being a giant baby. He complains and pouts more than any other NBA player.

The entire incident

The summary

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  • KG has a history for causing trouble like a back back b*tch, just like he did against Zaza from the Atlanta hawks…i hope Miami comes back to destroy the Celtics theatrical antics with Paul Pierce, KG, and Glen Davis running the show. The only credible player they have is Ray Allen who is a class act.

    • ^baby back b*tch

      also: remember Paul Peirce injuring his leg against the Hawks only to make a “miraculous” return hahaha what a drama queen.

  • This stupid Kevin Garnett was helping his team mate and Richardson had no buisness going over ther. If you ask Richardson provoked the whole thing and KG should not be suspened.

  • shhh ur fucking stupid. Richardson was taking the ball out

  • Shhh-
    if yo dumb was reading was reading what happen all richardson said was “Jay he okay” then he was going to take out the ball but Mr. Badass Garnett wanna shove him for that & hes sucha big trouble maker who likes to start shit and he should be suspended cause the elbow wasn’t called for. & like VP said PIERCE acts like he so hurt but he always seems to come back don’t shit be wrong with him wat a BABy !!

    KG is a Drama Queen & deserves to be suspended !!!

  • Quenten is a looser, and washed up just like everyone on the heat besides Wade and maybe Haslem… Can you say sweep!! Ya I can see why you’d want KG suspended, so you might have a chance to win at least one playoff game.. hahahaha

  • if anyone can translate any of these comments into english, please do so.

  • You mean suburban white boy English for uptight condescending dorks? Figure it over for yourself Einstein.

    • No, I just want more than every 8th word spelled correctly. Quenten? looser? yo? ther? I don’t know where you’re from Tom, but we tend to spell words correctly where I live.

  • I like men lots of men!

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