ESPN Radio – Too Many Commercials

I have a 10 minute drive in the morning. 20 minutes at lunch, and 10 minutes after work.  That is more than enough time to get some good sports talk radio in.

I think I have a love hate relationship with ESPN Radio. For the most part I like the content on ESPN Radio, I just can’t stand the format. I’m not really an ESPN hater, I go there multiple times everyday. I just can’t stand the crazy amount of commercials they play on the Radio.

The content for the most part is either funny or knowledgeable, but I hate three things about ESPN Radio – Constant homer-ism, Bashing the Big 10, and More commercials than the actual broadcast. I can live with the first two, but the commercials are just annoying.


I first got a teaser from Colin Cowherd when I got in the car. That’s fine I am used to that.  I then switched between 5 minutes worth of pointless commercials, and 5 minutes of Rome, which depending on the day, could also be pointless.  Then finally The Herd comes back on.  All he did was repeat his same teaser, and he said  said “we’ll be back in 90 seconds.”


Colin Cowherd had a 20 second segment yesterday between commercials. I understand the concept of a teaser, but this is just outrageous. I listened to close to 10 minutes of Commercials and I didn’t get a single bit of actual sports talk radio.

They actually charge money to download an iPhone app for this crap.  $2.99.  Get all the commercials you can listen to for only 2.99.  Sweet Deal.

They also market that you can download podcasts from this great App, well you can download them off iTunes for free.

The only Sports talk show I can recommend is the Dan Patrick Show, there aren’t that many commercials on there, great content, and he has a free iPhone app. Plus he is pretty much better than all the shows on ESPN Radio.

So no more talk ESPN talk radio for me, I am going to stick with downloading podcasts, and listening fast-forwarding through the 1 minute commercial in the introduction.

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  • They actually charge money to download an iPhone app for this crap. $2.99. Get all the commercials you can listen to for only 2.99. Sweet Deal.

    sign me up…lol

  • you should move to DC and listen to the Sports junkies…they are the best…they talk about sports, poker, entertainment news, and basically anything that is funny

  • I’m listening overnight to Coast to Coast on the Internet via Talk 1200 Boston/Clearchannel (I Heart Radio). Their top of the hour commercial break runs just short of 15 minutes. I just switch it off during these times, but I guess it must be worth it to the advertisers.

  • Totally agree. ESPN is ruining sports radio with all the commercials. Mike and mike, lebatard and stu are all great talents, I wish they all worked for any other company. I have adopted a new policy for espn, I will never listen to another second of their commercials, whenever one comes on (which is most of the time) I immediately hit the channel button to go to another station. Combine all these ads with their forcing of nfl players to play on Thursdays, even though the players hate it, it’s easy to see that espn has turned into the corporate soulless greedy monster that I suspect they are. Shame on youespn

  • I also have a ten minute commute to work. When I get in my car in the morning, if I turn it to Mike and Mike, it will be a commercial. It will either be a normal commercial or Mike/Mike reading about Hanes shirts or something. EVERY TIME.
    I cannot turn it on and hear any part of the show – only commercials. It’s frustrating and annoying.

  • I have an eight minute drive to work and the hard one for me is the Dan Lebatard show with the commercials. They will be at commercial for like 5 minutes, then come back on and say this is straight talk wireless who seems to sponsor pretty much every segment. Talk about nonsense for 2 minutes, then go back to commercial. It’s amazing how many commercials they have. I never leave at the same exact time for work. Between 8 and 8:40 and no matter what time I get in my car I will hear more commercials than sports talk on my 8 minute drive.

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