NFL Week 5 Picks

Ryan Matt
Minnesota @ St. Louis Minnesota
Cleveland @ Buffalo Buffalo
Pittsburgh @ Detroit Pittsburgh
@ Kansas City
Kansas City
Oakland @ NY Giants NY Giants
NY Giants
Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia
Washington @ Carolina Carolina Carolina
Cincinnati @ Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore
Atlanta @ San Francisco San Francisco
San Francisco
Jacksonville @ Seattle Jacksonville
Houston @ Arizona Arizona Arizona
New England @ Denver New England
Indianapolis @ Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee
NY Jets @ Miami NY Jets NY Jets
Week Total
7 – 7
8 – 6
Season Total
51 – 25
54 – 22

Let us know if you hate our picks, or even better, if you like them.

Lock of the Week

Ryan – Pittsburgh This could be a close game, or a blow out, it is kind of hard to tell with the Lions.
(Chicago last week, 4-0)

Matt – Buffalo– Neither of these teams are any good but the Bills are infinitely better than the Browns. Put it on the board, the Bills will be 2-3
(San Francisco last week, 3-1)

Upset Special

Ryan – TennesseeThe Titans have to win sometime right?  I have to go with them, they are at home, and the need to win sometime. This would have been the game of the week last year.
(Tampa Bay last week 2-2)

Matt – Kansas City – Since Denver is the early line favorite at home I’m going with Kansas City. Arrowhead used to be a place people feared going in to, they’ve lost 10 straight at home but with Tony “Uh-Oh” Romo and the receiverless Cowboys coming in to town the terrible Chiefs will beat the Cowboys.

(Miami last week, 2-2)

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