The first round of the NBA playoffs has always been a good place to make some cash if you are someone who enjoys gambling, but it appears that this year most places have figured out people were making too much money taking the overwhelming favorites. According to found via The Miami Heat are -18,000 against the Bucks meaning you would need to bet 18,000 to win $100 on Miami winning. Now there's about a .01% chance the Bucks win this series, but that's a lot of cash to bet to only win $100.

Depending how you feel about the Grizzlies vs Clippers series there is some money to be made there. A $190 bet would net you $100 against the Grizzlies whereas a $100 bet would net you $160 if you think the Grizzlies can pull it off.

In my mind the best bet this postseason is obviously Miami to win it all, but if you're looking for a darkhorse I think betting the Nuggets to make the finals is a good gamble. The Nuggets don't play much defense, but they can score more than anyone and their home court advantage is something no other team can match.

I think the Heat will easily win the title, they could coast through the Eastern Conference with a 4-4-4 although I think they'll probably lose two games before all is said and done.