Many basketball experts and fans can never recall a season in which the #1 seeds for the NCAA tournament were so up in the air so late in the season. At this point, no team is truly safe when it comes to wrapping up one of the easiest paths to the Final Four. That does not prevent people from trying to sort out things and make predictions a few weeks before Selection Sunday.

Gonzaga came in at #2 in the latest pool, and with Indiana’s loss this week, they could be #1 next week. They probably have the easiest path to a #1 seed this year, simply because they play in a conference that is not on the same level as the Big Ten, Big East, ACC, Big XII and more. That does not mean they have it easy though. One loss would likely put them out of contention, simply because they do not have enough marquee wins to satisfy the committee.

With Florida’s loss earlier this week, it seems more and more likely that the best two teams in the Big Ten will both score #1 seeds. That means that out of Indiana, Michigan and Michigan, two of those three teams will get the nod.

The obvious choice would be the team that ends up winning the regular season title, and the team that wins the tournament (if they are different). Despite their loss to Minnesota, Indiana still controls its own destiny in the Big Ten as far as the regular season goes. Michigan State and Michigan play at least one more time this season, and possibly more depending on the postseason. Chances are the better team when those two face off will get a top seed. Michigan does have to face Indiana once again in their final regular season game, which could result in another possible loss. For now, Indiana and Michigan State should be considered the favorites, despite the Spartans losing two in a row recently.

Finally, Georgetown, Arizona and Kansas are all making their pushes, but the last #1 seed will go to the best ACC team. Miami looks as though they will win the regular season title, but Duke has been the more consistent team all season long. If they can return the favor and beat Miami at home, then do well in the ACC tournament, they will jump them in the eyes of the voters. The two teams are too good to both falter down the stretch again other teams, so one of them will go on a late-season run.

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