NCAA Division 1 Basketball Sleepers

American College basketball has a structure of competitive governance, which has been recognized by an independent body known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA, basketball is separated into 3 primary divisions known as Division I, Division II and Division III.

The legacy of NCAA college basketball (USA) can be marked back to the International Training School by YMCA, which is known today as Springfield College in Massachusettes. Physical Education Instructor James Naismith can be called the pioneer of introducing basketball as a sport in the school. In 1891, Naismith was given the difficult task of training the athletes and shaping them up without causing them any injury. On 21st December, 1891, the game was first played on the college grounds.

Since that time, and up to the present, there are college basketball teams that are considered as favorites and sleepers. NCAA sleepers are teams that are unable to rank within the top 40 based on various sports media rankings. These players, or teams, are also those who are perceived to have a harder time in making it to the NCAA basketball tournament this year.

For the common people, a sleeper team may often exceed expectations and even has a chance to win unexpectedly. These sleeper teams can be a good bet and one can check websites like for the betting options. These kinds of websites also provide NCAA basketball betting strategies, if someone is interested in learning the tricks.

In NCAA Division 1, the major schools included are equipped with good facilities, and many athletic scholarships are provided in this division. This division has further sub-categories, which are D-1 A & D-1 AA.

As per the latest updates, the top five sleeper teams have are:

• The first one is Belmont with a record score of 30-4, with Ian Clark being the best player.

• The next team in line is Cincinnati with a record score of 24-7, and the best player of the team being Rashad Gates.

• Old Dominion is in the third place as a sleeper team with a record score of 27-6, with the best player in the team being Frank Hassell.

• The fourth sleeper team of Division 1 NCAA is St. Peter’s with a record score of 20-13; Wesley Jenkins is their best player.

• Utah State is the fifth sleeper team with a record score of 28-3 and the best player with the team being Tai Wesley.

All these teams can go on to becoming the winning team in the NCAA conference. The coach of Belmont team, Rick Byrd, has contested and won over 600 matches, and is confident about the team’s sized-up front and deep shot-making skills.