For those of you who are passionate about fantasy baseball, this piece is going to discuss some of the main aspects of the sport. First of all, fantasy baseball is a sport in which participants manage a roster made of baseball players that come from Major Leagues of baseball. Secondly, it is one of the most popular fantasy sports game played on the planet. Participants need to use real life statistics belonging to players in order to score points against their competitors.  The fast paced action and high degree of difficulty turn the game into one of the most pleasant ones as well.


A Little Bit Of Fantasy Baseball History

No sport can escape without a little history introduction, and fantasy baseball definitely has an impressive history. It would seem that Jack Kerouac used to play his personal form of fantasy baseball. He used fiction to create the baseball players and statistics. He created baseball records down to every detail, along with sketches, charts, notes, and everything in between.

John Burgenosn later developed a coded form of fantasy baseball for the IMB 160.the game would allow two teams of players to compete against one another with the help of random number generators. The game would rely on player statistics in order to find out the result of a game and another important element defining these IBM games was the use of play-by-play descriptions.

The radio was no stranger to fantasy baseball either. Rege Cordic from the KDKA radio station in Pittsburg developed an amazing radio show that was based on the fantasy baseball program. The respective game was using a code for a computer that only had 20,000K of memory, being completely self-contained.


More Early Fantasy Baseball Games – The Chickens

The early historic forms of fantasy baseball games were called chickens. One chicken example was the Strat-o-Matic game featuring baseball cards that were fully customized to imitate the Major League Baseball players, plus their statistics originating from past baseball seasons. The players were allowed to develop different previous seasons while using the predefined rules of the game plus the written statistics. They could also create their favorite fantasy baseball teams using the cards and play against one another.

Pursue the Pennant is a tabletop game that created a much more realistic approach to the fantasy baseball idea of a game. The game featured clutch pitching and clutch hitting and ball park effects, to name just a few additions that were highly appreciated by the participants of the time.

As for the very first fantasy baseball game that was fully open to the public, we need to mention here the Dugout Derby which was created by Brad Wndkos, Lee Marc, and Robert Barbiere.

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