What kind of persons do you believe would normally play sports themed games? According to a study performed by Abe Stein of the Game Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it would appear that the overwhelming majority of sports games players are white and male. Ages? Between 18 and 24. What else do these passionate sports gamers like to keep themselves entertained with when they are not elbow deep in a football themed game of slots online? Shooters and action games. Oh, and of course RPGs. Any surprises so far? Here's one – more than 80 percent of the subjects reported never playing games on social media sites like FB! Did you see that one coming?

Most Players Go Through Meaningful Experiences

The study participants were asked to describe meaningful experiences they had while playing video or online sports games. To the surprise of the authors of the study, close to 60 percent of respondents claimed they have lived a very meaningful experience during gameplay, and they provided great details for it. Private, emotional stories were at the core of these confidences, and could be one of the main reasons why so many people enjoy playing sports themed games. Places like Ace Kingdom make for excellent choices in terms of sports games that can keep one entertained for a while – and potentially bring them some nice amounts of money they weren't expected in the form of casino wins. Arcade games, scratch cards games, progressive slots, you name it. They are all there, waiting for skilled or newbie players to try their luck at them. If we also add the fact that these games are available 24/7 and can be played from any remote location using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, it is easy to see why they are so popular.

While only 40 percent of the study respondents declared they occasionally play online sports games, they most certainty make the most of it while they are at it. While the results of the study failed to give out clear arguments as to why and how these players relate their passion for these games to their sports liking, we can only assume what these reasons might be:

  • sports lack a pre-determined outcome, and the same goes for sports themed games. Sporting events such as football or horse racing that normally make for the main themes of these games you can play online have unexpected and different outcomes every time. This is what players like: to be taken by surprise and entertained every time.

  • Also, lots of today's sports game players used to play some of the sports they now enjoy the most when they were little. Hence, playing a football themed game of slots on a popular gaming site is something reminiscent that makes them happy and puts them in a good mood.

  • We all enjoy having positive memories to cling to, and when we can get them though a fun game that lasts for a few minutes, replay it all over again and even try to make some money out of it, the reasoning sounds clear enough.

  • Many players also like to engage in interesting conversations on their gaming techniques, results, best outcomes, and favorite games they like to play. Socializing around a sports topic and adding the gaming thrill to it is another strong argument.