According to's Jay Glazer the Washington Redskins have traded this year's first round pick, 6th overall, 2 futures #1's and a second round pick for the rights to pick 2nd in this year's NFL Draft.

The Redskins are obviously trading up to take Robert Griffin III or as he's known around the world RG3. The price seems steep, but without the mega contracts guaranteed to the top picks we're in uncharted territory with draft pick compensation.

I think this guarantees how the first three picks in the draft will go. The Colts will take Andrew Luck, the Redskins RG3 and the Vikings Matt Kalil. This may give the Vikings a little leverage if a team is interested in Kalil, but I don't see a team trading much to move up to take Kalil when they can take Reiff 5 picks later than Kalil.

March Madness has started early?