Where to begin? Our ultimate game day experienced started with tailgating. Ryan, I and 6 other friends tailgated starting at 7 am for the noon game. Tailgating is key to a great NFL experience. Tailgating is the only time that it seems right to have hamburgers, hotdogs, and beer at 7 am. Tailgating is one of the great social aspects of gameday. You get to hang out with your friends, eat great food, drink and play ball.

After tailgating for a few hours we walked into the stadium an hour early and found our seats, 10th row on the 45-yard line. After watching a little bit of warm-ups we dispatched 4 of our friends to the concession stand to get dome dogs and cold beverages.

Every fan has a different seating preference, some people like the Endzone, some like the nose bleeds, front row, middle, etc. To me, the best seats in the house are along the sidelines, between the 20's. I would much rather have nosebleeds at the 35 yard line than front row on the endzone. I like to see the plays develop, and watch the whole stadium erupt. But hey, your seats are up to you, everyone has their favorite view.

Gametime is the reason why we come. We sing the Vikings fight song, we cheer for our team. The crowd get's into so much it feels like the stadium is shaking. After a touchdown we go crazy high-fiving our friends and random strangers. I think I have even hugged a stranger after a win before.

Quick tip: Try to squeeze a quick bathroom break in at the 2 minute warning. The Bathrooms at the Metrodome get PACKED during halftime.

After the Vikings won in a overtime game against the Cardinals we headed off to the bars and met a few of our friends who stayed home to watch the game. Most of the local bars were sponsoring half off drinks celebrating the first win of the season.

The only thing that would have been this better is if we were celebrating a Vikings victory in the Super Bowl or even a Vikings victory in the NFC Championship game (thanks Brett Favre!)

Make sure you take in all the sounds, sights, and even smells of the game while you are there. Nothing is like an NFL game, it can't be replicated or duplicated. Enjoy it, because the season goes by fast!

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