NBA just opened up for business, but that didn't stop NBA 2k12 from making a great basketball game. They were hard at work for months and released the game WAY before the NBA season.


Although I tend to pass the ball around and hustle a little more than a regular NBA game, the game style is spot on. You can run offensive / defensive plays, even inbound plays. I wish the right analog stick was more for jukes / drubbing than shooting, but I am pretty picky.

After playing for a while I am getting used the the right analog to shoot with. I still find myself wanting to do a crossover with it, and just shooting a half court 3 pointer. Maybe instead of it switching to juke moves Steve Nash should just get a little better at random half court 3 pointers.

I love it when basketball games get free throws right, because I tend to get fouled a lot. 2K12 seemed to be spot on with just using the right analog to shoot. Depending on the player, and the timing of your release you may or may not make the free-throw. Remember the old school NBA games where you had to line up two balls to see if you would make a free throw? Yeah, no more doing that. Although, I couldn't tell you the last game I had that did that.


The in-game sound is really really good. The announcers seamlessly talk through the game just like they would on a regular broadcast. They get the people subbing in and out, talk about the season, the players, I really liked the way it all came together. They game also has the normal squeaky shoes, dribbling, and music, but I really enjoyed the commentary as I played. Maybe I am just used to the terrible commentary in Madden, but I really appreciated what they did with it here.

I guess my only complaint is Charles Barkley isn't commentating making Charles Barkley like comments and saying "Turrable".


Game Modes include My Player, Association (Franchise Mode), NBA's Greatest, Creating a Legend, online mode. Association mode does a great job of letting you be in control of the team, and playing a full season. Even when there was a lockout going on…

In My Player mode you go through the draft and goto interviews with potential teams. You have control over how your player develops, it really feels like a real NBA player.

Online is where where most of my time is played, although I am not the best at the game. I like playing against an actually player, it makes the game less receptive for me and more competitive. Although it is not too competitive when ever single player I face is up by 10 points. I tend to get in a repetitive playing style, I need an online player to force me to do something else.


NBA 2k12 features awesome add ons like recently released downloadable content that features Basketball Legends and NBA street games. I used to play NBA Street and NBA Jam all the time, so street additions with a little 2 on 2 are always up my alley. Growing up I always wanted to play as Michael Jordan in video games, but he was never there it was always the dreaded no named #23. At least with the new downloadable content I can fulfill my inner child.


Playing NBA 2K12 might be the only way for my Suns to win a championship this year, sorry Steve. We are lucky that there is even a season this year, I am way over the lockout. But check out NBA 2k12, it is a great game and is hours of fun. Well worth picking up. I got mine for PS3, I'll see you online, where you will probably beat me.